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Hundred of Free Radio Station streams for Second Life and Open Sim!

Here is a huge list of the best active radio stations, and a free scripted music player with thousands of streaming stations that are compatible with Second Life and OpenSim.

Thousands of searchable streaming radio stations - Download all of them

You can click the little magnifying glass and search for stations by Category or Name.

I've also written a nifty little script for you to ue so you can change the channel in-world with just a click!

This script is extremely simple to use and set up. It is always up to date with the latest "Top most-listened-to" streaming radio stations. If you own the land you are on, it will change the radio station with a few clicks. You can wear it as a HUD, or make it into a radio.


Radio is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

I don't mind people selling radios with this script in it, but the script is never to be sold, changes to the script have to be available to anyone, and you must credit me in your ad or in-world.

The simple way to do this is to make the script copy/mod/transfer and don't change the header.


If your land is owned by a group, you will need to use a prim instead of a HUD. Deed the prim to the group. Just edit the prim that the script is in, select 'Group:' to the same group as the land, and click 'Share with Group'. Then click the prim and select the Cartegory and radio station and enjoy free music!

Manual Operation

You can search this list and grab the URL to stuff it directly into the land settings manually, too. The Media tab of the About Land window contains the option for playing radio on your land in Second Life. To access the About Land window for a parcel of land, right-click the ground and select About Land and save the Music URL from this table into the Sound tab:

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