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I found a little known but very useful and simple sculpting tool by Mikage Boa of The tool is in Japanese, as is her web site. Thanks to Google translate, I found this to be very simple tool thats also very well designed.

Download the tool

This cute tool lets you build up large blocks into various heights. Each color represents a different Z-height. Using the tool is simple and direct, just click and drag colors around to set various heights. Then Click the File-Save button and upload the sculpt.

This tool is written in Japanese, so here is a translation of the menu to English:

As an example, here is a X- shaped staircase made with the tool:

The saved Sculpt:

And after uploading it:

The shape for a staircase:

The saved sculpt:

And a nice set of stairs for getting into a building result:

Once you upload the sculpt, change the seam type to 'Cylinder', or drop this script into the entry state of a empty script in a prim:

list src = llGetPrimitiveParams ([PRIM_TYPE]);

list dst = llListReplaceList(src, [PRIM_SCULPT_TYPE_CYLINDER],2,2);
list dst = llListReplaceList (src, [PRIM_SCULPT_TYPE_CYLINDER], 2,2);
llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_TYPE] + dst);
llSetPrimitiveParams ([PRIM_TYPE] + dst);

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