Making a birds nest using Archipelis for Second Life

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How to make an animal and make it move using Archipelis for Second Life

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This is Step 4: Assembly of the birds nest using Archipelis for Second Life

Uploading and assembling the nest

The first step in assembling your birds nest is to upload all of the textures.

Select Upload=Bulk Upload. I am uploading these to OpenSim, so these are free. If you upload to Second Life, your uploads will cost you 10 Lindens each.

Making the baby birds

One you have all the textures for the baby bird uploaded, create an object and open it in the editor. Select the Content tab, then select the fist texture you uploaded in theInventory window. Press and hold the shift key, then select the last texture. All of them will be selected. Now drag and copy all of the textures into the Object.

Go to the editor window and select New Script. Double click the new script to open it. Highlight all of the text in the script and delete it.

Open the script in the baby bird fo0lder named "ArchipelisBase.txt" using wordpad or another text editor. Note: Notepad does not show the new lines correctly. You can safely ignore this 'feature' of notepad. Select all the the text in the editor window and press Ctrl-C. Now click the script window in Second Life and Past the text in with Ctrl-V. You should see a script named ArchipelisBase.txt

Press Save. The script should compile correctly. You can now close the script window.

Left click the general tab in the editor. Rename the object to ArchipelisBase. This is an important step, as it must be named ArchipelisBase, including the capital B.

Now you can right click the object and select 'Take'

The Object ArchipelisBase will appear in your Inventory.

Make a new prim. Drag and drop the Archipelisbase prim into the new prim;s Content Windows, and press New Script.

Copy and past the other script ArchiPelisRez.txt into the new script, Save it, and close the editor window.

Left click the prim. You should see your baby bird appear.

We need a second wing on our baby bird. Edit the wing, and Shift-Drag it to make a copy. Now select 'Mirror' in the Object Window to flip the wing.

Position the wing where you want it.

Now select all the prims in the baby bird and press Ctrl-L to link it, or select Tools->Link.

Making the Robin

Repeat the above procedure for the Robin. You must use the scripts that you will find in the Robin folder, as it is diifferent for each Archipelis object.

Making the Nest

Make a new boxand change the building block type to 'Sculpted'

Upload the bird foot texture, and drag and drop it onto the texture window directly under the Building Block Type.

Resize the foot, shift-drag a copy of it, and place them under your robin.

Highlight all the prims in your robin and press Ctrl-L to link them. You can color the birds foot brown.

Making the nest

The nest is two textures, a shape and a color texture. After uploading them, put the shape on the new prim in the Sculpted window just as you did for the birds foot. Drag and drop the texture on the birds nest.

Here I have shift-copied the baby birds, and positioned the birds on the nest.

Once you have everything into place, clicks each prim and click the nest last. The nest must be the last prin clicked! Then press Ctrl-L to link them together.

We link the nest as the last prim so that it will be the 'root prim'. The root prim will hold the scripts that animate the birds.

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