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How to Start and how to log in

After you click Start.exe, you may get a pop up warning. All my binary code is digitally signed by me and is cryptographically verified to protect you and to assure you that the code you get is what I authored. It is virus-free, and has no ads. It should say "Verified Publisher: Outworldz, LLC".

Then click [Start] in the top right of the menu.

Dreamgrid Start Menu

A DOS program "Robust" should launch.    This prompt will appear:

Create User Prompt

You need to create your master user. This person will own the grid.   Type 'create user' at the command prompt as shown below:

Create Openim User

Enter the owner of the grid's Avatar Name and a password. Email is optional.  For other fields,  you can just press the Enter Key.   All the other questions can be safely answered with just the ENTER key.

FInished with robust

Another box will appear. This will be your first region. It will be named "Welcome".  

It will ask you for an estate name.  You can just press enter, or type in a new name.

Estater Name

It will then ask you for the owners name of this region.   Use the same name as you first entered.

First name of the estate

The system will eventually  tell you that LOGINS ARE ENABLED:

Your sim is readty

Setup your viewer:

Click the first item in the Help menu:

Hypergrid Address

The system will print the system  address. Mine is shown below. Yours will be different, or an IP address.  

Hypergrid address

Download the Firestorm viewer for Opensim. You can get it from

Launch the viewer and go to the Viewer Preferences menu.

Viewer Preferences

Go to the Opensim Grid manager screen.

Grid manager

Add the new name and click OK.

Log in with the same First Name and Last Name and password you originally entered. You should then appear in an empty sim on a small round island.


Usually you can just run the Help-Network Diagnostics and it will tell you what to do. And you can troubleshoot manually.


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