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Apache Web server and PHP5

You may optionally set up the Apache Web server with PHP5. These are used to serve up an advanced map, web pages, and built-in viewer search.

If your system tells you the msvcr100.dll is missing, install the 64 bit and 32-bit update from this link at Microsoft.

The checkbox for Apache+PHP must be enabled for the web server and PHP to work.

The purpose of the Apache/PHP is to serve a detailed map, object search and other useful functions. It is optional and may be disabled.

When enabled a map will appear at your URL on port 80. You can hover on any square and see its size, location, name and other details.

Apache As a Service:

If Unchecked and enabled, the system will run Apache as a DOS box. You will see several new DOS boxes appear. These DOS boxes are for the Apache server and the logging system. They will be shut down when your grid is stopped. Your grid is completely portable when this switch is off.

If checked and enabled will install “Apache HTTP Server” as a running service when you first click Start to run your grid. It will thereafter start when your PC is booted. No DOS boxes will appear. The advantage is less clutter, and 24-hour operation of the web server. But if you run from another folder, the server will still attempt to from the original folder. You must shut down and remove Apache before starting any copy in another folder.

Type this in Search: cmd

Right click the Command Prompt App and select "Run as Administrator".

Now type this in the command prompt:

sc delete ApacheHTTPServer<enter>

Change to the folder for Outworldzfile\Apache\bin.

Type this in the same admin-level prompt.

httpd -k install<enter>

net start ApacheHTTPServer<enter>

That should get it all going again

Web Port

The web port defaults to 80. If your ISP blocks port 80, try 8000. You may need to open this port in your PC’s firewall.

Search Local Grid

This setting will set the server DataSnapshot function for prims, objects, regions for sale, and classified ads for just your grid.

Search All Grids

If set to Search All Grids, the data is registered and collected/crawled by the https://www.hyperica.comserver and is thus available for anyone to look at. They have to have the same switch set to search. To disable this, either use Search Local Grid or do not mark prims or regions for “Show in Search” in your viewer.

Search for Objects

This viewer screen lets you search for objects marked as “Show In Search”. There is a search button ‘magnifying glass’ at lower left to refine your search. You can select 100, 250, or 500 rows to be returned. You can sort by any column header by clicking the title.

Places search:

Any parcel marked as “Show in Search” can be located in this viewer screen.

Land Sales:

Parcels marked for-sale and “Show in Search” can be located in this screen:


Classified ads may appear here. As of Rev 2.86, there is as yet no way to enter a classified. This will be in a future release.


Events will come from all grids, no matter what this switch is set for.

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