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How to Block Grids in Opensim

You can use the Windows firewall to block specific IP addresses and ranges of Ip addresses from a LOCAL console.  Using remote desktop can kill your connection.

Open the windows firewall and click Advanced Settings on the upper left side.

Open the firewall


Advanced settings :

Advanced settings

Click Inbound rule at upper left

Inbound rule

Right click and select New Rule:

New Rule


Select Custom Rule

Custom Rule 

Select All programs:

All programs


Which Port?  Enter the port for your grid login. Yours is likely to be 8002. TCP is used to log in, so we will block it.

TCP port 


Select Which Remote IP does this rule belong to and click These IP addresses and click Add

Enter the proper  IP or range of IP's. Sacrarium grid is to

Click OK

Click Next

Click "Block this connection"

Block The Connection

Which  firewalls? Do all of them. These are for machines that may travel to a public places such as McDonalds. Your grid should be set for Private. In corporate environments, it would be Domain.

So do them all.

Which Firewalls?


Enter a descriptive name.

Specify Name

Click Finish. 

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