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Standard Poses and - 2.7 MB

The CMU animation library :

Contents list

Qavimator for making animations - 6 MB zip

Another great tool for making animations is Daz  or Blender


LSL Editor for Second Life at SourceForge

My free Script Library

Build tools:

Gif 2 SL v0.6 Gif to Secondlife Animation - 0.5 MB Zip

Rokuro lathe sculpt maker (link)

SculptyPaint (link)

Sculptyspace v02a 1 MB zip by Sculpty Carver. SculptySpace will show you exactly how your sculpties will appear in SecondLife - even at different levels of detail

Prim Lathe (link)

Tokroton 1.07a sculpt maker (link)

SL Prim Emboss - (link)


Avatar Workbench female (link)

Fitted mesh survival kit (link)

Second Life avatars. Includes the male and female models in the following formats:
Note that the .blend files require a Blender version >=2.70)

Daz/Second Life poseable avatars (male and female).zip 446 KB

SL Avatars set up for Photoshop 0.6 MB zip

Standard 5 standard size avatars - 17 MB zip - for clothing and avatar designers in Blender, Max and OBJ formats


CMFF Skin templates (40 MB)

Robin Wood vector skin templates (Link)

Starlight Skin with clothing for Mesh avatars

SL Skin previewer and skins, also for Mac PowerPC - 5 MB zip

Strawberry Freckled skin by Strawberry Holiday

RSW Sylvia Skins licensed License - CC BY-SA 4

Eloh Eliot Skins


PSD files (Photoshop CS)

Starlight Face PSD 22.4 MB)
Starlight Upper PSD (9.0 MB)
Starlight Lower PSD (8.5 MB)

XCF files (GIMP 2.4.6)

Starlight Face XCF (12.3 MB)
Starlight Upper XCF (5.1 MB)
Starlight Lower XCF (5.6 MB)

AI files (Illustrator CS)

Starlight Face AI (2.2 MB)
Starlight Upper AI (2.5 MB)
Starlight Lower AI (2.5 MB)

Eloh Eliot Skin Pleides

PSD files (Photoshop CS)

Pleiades Face PSD (13.8 MB)
Pleiades Upper PSD (12.1 MB)
Pleiades Lower PSD (13.3 MB)

XCF files (GIMP 2.4.6)
Pleiades Face XCF (8.8 MB)
Pleiades Upper XCF (10.4 MB)
Pleiades Lower XCF (10.3 MB)

Eloh Eliot Skin Untitled

PSD zip archives (Photoshop CS)

Pink (C) PSDs
Pale (R) PSDs
Fair (L) PSDs
Tan (S) PSDs
Dark (F) PSDs



Sound Leech to capture sounds (link) (Does not work on Dell - those cheapskate bastards) - 0.5 MB zip


Seamless Texture Library


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