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Animal Adding these scripts to objects will create a breedable pet. You need to read each script and add your own information in order for them to work. // // In particular, the pet itself will die unless it is rezzed from another object and given a start_param. The only way to give a script a start parameter is to rez it from another object, when you rez it yourself the parameter is always 0. if you set the secret number to 0, then it will always work, buit be unsecure.
Animal Animal: xs_ager.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_brain.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_breeding.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_eater.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_infomatic.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_movement.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_special.lsl
Animal Egg: xs_egg.lsl
Animal EggCup: xs_eggcup.lsl
Animal FoodBowl: xs_foodbowl.lsl
Animal FoodBowl: xs_foodbowl_anim.lsl
Animal Home: xs_home.lsl
Animal Transport Crate:xs_cryocrate.lsl
Animal This script can be used to set the quail into it's initial size. Once this script has been loaded into the root prim of the quail and run, it can be deleted // Author Ferd Frederix
Animal xs_debug - a script tointercept messages inside and outside your bird // Version 2, 10-2-2011 by Ferd Frederix // Prints out the channel and the link number
Animal Globals - taken from the Quail

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