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Spy Caution. Use of this script may violate the TOS. Think of it as a weapon // // // Don't use this to spy on people without their permission // // // NO REALLY - DON'T // // // SECURITY // I take the Open Source security software attitude to this. You can't increase security through obscurity. All users of SL should be aware that tiny, invisible objects might be relaying their conversations to other AVs, or even sending IMs or HTTP messages out of SL. A bit like real life really, it's just that bugging is easier in SL. // // If you want a semblance of privacy then use a one time pad code end to end in a sim which is completely off limits to all except your invited guests; deny others the ability to execute scripts or place objects; return all objects and check for running scripts (using estate tools) before you start your conversation.
Spy The SETTINGS notecard
Spy Some instructions for use
TExture Each character uses one prim - in this incarnation. // // This can be used to build a HUD (tiny prims) which can display messages or have a variable user interface. It can also be used to create large signs on which you can show messages. // // There is a demonstration large sign in the Chessport sandbox. This one was created to display anything said on channel 0... this simple implementation doesn't feature a controller object for the display and so you need to shout, otherwise only prims near to you will react (try speaking normally to see what I mean). // // There are two scripts involved. The first rezzes a set of tiles and the second is the script in the tile. The size of the final display depends on the size of the prims used for the tiles. The texture on the tiles must be set to // "bf84f91e-549f-e094-1693-278b6b521b12"
TExture Tile script
Weapons There are 3 scripts involved in this : // // put the Giant Hammer script in a hammer shaped object, maybe adjust params depending on hammer size, centre of rotation etc. // put the Hammer in the Bullet object (any prim will do, but I use a tiny invisible one!) and add the Bullet script // put the Bullet (now containing the Hammer) in the HUD object // // When you wear the HUD it will tell you what to do. // // The HUD (Hammer Thrower)
Weapons The Bullet
Weapons The Giant Hammer

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