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Access List Place this script in a platform. Then you can add and delete user names from an internal access list (see source code comments). If an avatar is not on the access list, it will be pushed back on entering the platform. // // This script demonstrates some of the list functions and the access list feature could be useful for other applications as well.
Building This code makes Geodesic Domes and was given to the Open Source Scripting group by Shine Renoir. // You can read about the math here, // // The Dome Builder uses 3 scripts. One in the builder object and two simple scale/scale and shear scripts in the component parts. // // You can pick up a complete Dome Builder tool for free in Chessport, near the telehub. // // First - this script goes in the builder object. // // BUILDER
Building LINE // // // Put this scale script into a rod object called 'Line' and put that inside the builder, alongside the script above. // // The rod object is a Cylinder with size <0.1,0.1,1.0>.
Building An example how to build a platform at 2,000 meters. Place this script in a box, and place an object named "Sky Platform" in the box. Then sit down on the box. At 2,000 meters it rezzes the Sky Platform. Note: There are some strange rules at this altitude, e.g. when you try to move an object, it will be placed at 768 m height. Same for llSetPos. But looks like the physical movement commands are working. // // See below for an elevator to this height.
Building For moving up to the platform, you could use a space elevator. Move it along the x-axis beside the platform on ground. On sit up it pushs you a bit, which moves you on the platform.
Music Place this script in an object. If you want to play your own music, change the url variable and upload the sounds into this directory as 1.ogg, 2.ogg etc. Enter the title in the music list, 1.ogg the first entry etc. llSetParcelMusicURL works only, if the owner of the object is the owner of the land where the object is placed. To start a music, touch the object.

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