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Translator The device consists of 3 key scripts, with several ancillary scripts to function. The key scripts are listed here... // Universal Translator Engine // // This is the "heart" of the translator. It handles communications with other translators, handles listening to avatars for chat, and handles most of the HTTP traffic. // // How do multiple translators communicate? There are two chat channels at work... // // The heartbeat channel: this channel is fixed and common amongst all Universal Translators. This is where each translator regularly announces its presence to other translators in the area. If another one is found, a "master' translator is elected at random (with higher version releases of the translators getting higher values). The master translator is in charge of listening to all chat, and sending text to be translated and IMed to the recipient to the other "slave" translators. // // Unique translator channel: each translator will select it's own channel to listen for incoming translations. This serves as a unique conduit for the master translator to communicate with each individual slave. This allows the heartbeat channel to be free for command messages to be sent, since the translated text being passed around can quickly saturate it. // // This multi-translator communication might be useful in other scripting projects.
Translator HTTP Handler // // Even though the name of this script is "HTTP Handler", it really just stores the requested translation traffic so that we can match incoming translations from Google with what was requested. Since this takes a lot of memory for storage, this information is kept out of the engine script. When an incoming HTTP response comes in, we fetch the data from here. If the requests didn't come back in a timely fashion, we remove it from the queue.
Translator Interface Handler // // This is the interface, or menu-system of the translator. It handles all of the numerous dialogs, language selection, etc. of the translator.

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