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Animal I am posting this script with the warnimg that it is delicatly tuned to fly as I wanted it to, and so one should be very cautions about changing the parameters of the flight model. That is like making changes in a free flight model airplane before you understand why it flies as it does. Changes in the logic, on the other hand, are like changes in any other script. If you really want to understand why it flies as is does, I suggest starting with my Air Camper script, also posted here. // // I post it here, none the less, because it is my most popular product, and because it can be used, as is or with new sounds and such, in other birds of about the same weight. I don't really expect anyone else to make such an effort to script birds, but sl airplanes have become very detailed and well made, and this bird flight illustrates the possibility of making the flight behavior of airplanes more appropriate to their appearance. // // You rez the bird, move it to the center of the available space and click it to set the center position and start flying. It attempts to fly aerobatically but stay near the launch point. It needs at least 128x128 m. to fly in. That is the best I could do withing the constraints of the sl physics engine. It can now cross sim boundaries without getting lost, but of course that is a bit hazardous. // // // To use this script in other birds, I un-comment the line that outputs the weight and then adust the weght to be the same, 0.19 virtual kilograms, by making prims more or less hollow. That has worked for birds so far, but for an airplane the distribution of mass also mattered. Perhaps birds are small enough that the distribution is not important. (Apparently sl physics calculates some approximation to the angular inertia.)
Vehicles My more elaborate airplane and bird scripts are also available free in world, but I suggest that this is the place to start. This scrpt is public domain "Copyleft!". My others are distributed under GNU Free Public Licenses, so only the ideas and short sections of script should be used in proprietary flight scripts, not long sections verbatim. Direct derivatives of the others should remain open source. // // I am anxious for others to use my new methods. I realize that most sl residents don't have strong backgrounds in physical analysis and modeling, numerical methods and real time programming, so I have tried to make this a script that others will be able to use as a starting place and adapt to their own requirements. One can look at the other scripts when ready to add more details and features.
Vehicles To fly, this also requires the pilot seat script, also in the root prim.
Vehicles Basic flight script for birds // This script uses the SL physics engine to implement a standard simple linearized model of the flight of an airplane. As far a the author knows, this is the only real attempt by an sl scripter to model the forces on a flying body. Other flight scripts (except derivatives of this one) start from a generic sl vehicle and add airplane-like features such as banking and a minimum flight speed, an approach that will not lead to realistic flight without endless correction. // This script is still distributed under a GNU Free Public License, but, in case the copyright covers more than I realize, I specifically grant permission to use the methods and short sections of this script in proprietary scripts. Direct derivatives, on the other hand, can be used in proprietary airplanes, but the derived scripts must be distributed in editable form, in some way.

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