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Building Table script. Add to the table this script and a chair. The name should be 1 Prim Chair, or you must change the name in the notecard
Building Add a notecard called 'Config' to the table. Do not change the order or number of lines in this notecard.
Building The chair script. Put this in a prim called '1 Prim Chair', or change the notecard to your chair
Prim Notes - GNU General Public License
Prim LPA Protocol
Prim Example replay Script
Prim LPA Editor
Prim LPA Player
Prim LPA Wizard
Prim LPA Frame Controller
Sculpt OpenLoft - Description
Sculpt Openloft.lsl
Sculpt BezierRez.lsl
Sculpt control.lsl
Sculpt encloser.lsl
Sculpt mirror.lsl
Sculpt nodetools.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: State Control.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: Node Control.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: HTTP Sender.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: Data transfer.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: Bezier.lsl
Sculpt sculpt: Bezier Controller.lsl
Sculpt Node: Node.lsl
Sculpt Change Log
Sculpt Physical - keep still
Sculpt func.gdbundle.php
Sculpt vertex2sculpt.php

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