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Animation Double_Jumper
Animation The most basic form of the script, No constraints here:
Animation Then, I made a modification to this for my own uses to make the object stay within a certain distance of a certain position. Heres the same script including those changes:
Animation Ground_Collision_Protector
Crate After the success of the breakable crate, I also decided to make some modified copies--A breakable wooden pallet, barrel, and explodable barrel...The main difference being the sounds that were used for collisions and destructions. For the sake of not uploading duplicate scripts, the sounds for the other versions of this script can be found in our list of Sound Keys.
Defense Stop people from pushing you around
Keyboards Typing_sound
Money Chair Money_Chair
Movement Dodge
Movement Random_Movement__Flight
Object Key Object_Key_Lister
Particles Cold_Breath
Platform The script for the worn attachment, which rezzes the platforms when the platformer is turned on(Assuming the platform object is in the attachment's inventory):
Platform And then the script to go inside of the platform, which then goes inside of the platformer attachment:
Pointer First, The version which includes the llMoveToTarget follow:
Pointer And this version, which doesn't:
Pose Balls DavyAnimBall
Random Random_Sentences
Signs Particle_Sign
Sound The script
Teleport WarpPos_Teleporter
Translator Leet speak translator
Translator The Script
Weapons Basic Gun Script
Weapons Timed_Mine

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