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Fire L9.07-campfire.lsl
Fireworks bonus-fireworks-spiral.lsl
Fireworks bonus-fireworks-whiteburst.lsl
Fireworks bonus-fireworks-yellow-spiral.lsl
Fireworks L9.01-fireworks-red.lsl
Fireworks L9.02-fireworks-ball.lsl
Fireworks L9.03-fireworks-cannon.lsl
Kites L9.05-kite-string.lsl
Kites L9.06-kite.lsl
Land L6.04-pool-digger.lsl
Land L6.07-land-monitor.lsl
Picture L9.09-picture-images.lsl
Picture Frame L9.08-picture-frame.lsl
Rainbow L9.4a-rainbow-roy.lsl
Rainbow L9.4-rainbow-gbiv.lsl
Spotlight L9.11-spotlight-cone.lsl
Spotlight L9.12-spotlight-light.lsl
Spotlight L9.13-bump-shiny-lights.lsl
Spotlight L9.10-spotlight-controller.lsl
Texture L6a.1-mill-and-gears.lsl
Water L6.06-access-teleport.lsl
Water L6a.2-water-animation-with-sound.lsl
Water L6a.3-splash.lsl
Water Animation L6.01-basic-water-animation.lsl
Water Animation L6.02-improved-water-animation.lsl
Water Animation L6.03-waving-waters.lsl
Weather Makes a prim rotate and face the wind with smoke trailing from it.
Wings Autodeploying Wings

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