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Camera While vehicle scripts are being rewritten to take advantage of dynamic cameras, here is a script that you wear as a HUD that gives you the same effect while driving or flying a vehicle. Just create a prim, put this script in it, and attach it as a HUD. Click blue to enable the camera, click red to return to default camera.
Camera A popular use for these cameras is to detach the camera from yourself, and see through nearby walls. The first scripts for these dynamic cameras allow you to steer your camera around, using arrow keys (forward, back, turn left, turn right) and page up/page down (up and down). I rewrote parts of the script to work like a HUD. Click blue to enable the camera, click red to return to default camera.
Camera Now one of the things I like to do in SL is hang out in clubs and go to parties, and I like to see who is all there and put faces with names. So here is a script to "scan the room" at parties and point the camera directly at the closest 16 people in the room. Just create a prim, put this script in it, and attach it as a HUD. Click to start the room scan, click again to pause. Once it is done scanning, it will return to default.
Clock found a routine in Wiki to make a digital clock, so I turned it into a clock-radio-motion detector device. It is a simple script that left alone displays the time in any time zone you want, or you can click it to toggle on and off your radio. Or the third function is that of a motion detector that IMs you if someone is near the detector. Update: script now cycles through 4 different channels, and also displays your server time and how long till the next sunrise/sunset.
Flight Assist Here is a much requested script that enhances fly. Drop this script in any attachment that does not have a script in it (maybe your prim hair or something). // // It enhances fly in two ways 1. you can fly as high as you like and you should not drift down (much, it is not perfect). 2. say the word "fly" and it changes into a much faster flying mode. In this mode you can also say "speed 30" to double your speed (or any number, default is 15). say "fly" again, or just stop flying to get out of this mode. One annoying bug, when in fast fly mode you will see "release keys" button. If you push it, your attachment comes off.
HUD Projecter Recently, Linden Labs created a website to access profile information of players in XML format. It is not something easily accessible outside the game, because to get profile info, you need a UUID code of the person. Inside the game the database is used in the new search facility, and also addressable with scripts using HTML commands. // // You have probably run into those new displays that show random profile picture in world. This is how it is done. I have seen a few for sale, but being a curious scripter, I wanted to find out how to do it myself. // // Luckily, someone wrote a publically available script in the SL Wiki // Just rez a prim, create a new script, copy and paste the script, and you have instant profile picture displays. // // Since most of the world is off limits to dropping prims, I thought it would be fun to create a wearable HUD version so you can see the profile pictures of the avatars around you. I also added an ability to click on the HUD to instantly move your client camera to that avatars position, making it easy to bring up the full profile, or send them an IM. Having no need for listen commands or particle projection or exclusions, I shortened the original script quite a bit. // // To use: Rez a box and resize it X = 0.500 Y = 0.320 Z = 0.240. Create a new script and copy and paste the text below into it. Right click the box and Attach as HUD. Move it anywhere you want where you can see the box and the text. Make it smaller if you wish. Go somewhere where other people are and have fun.
Jewelry DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! A sandbox is so much better! // // First, you need this script: Necklace Generator // // Generate a prim, any prim and put this script in it. // // Second you need a bead, a simple white sphere all shiny and full bright size 0.2 x 0.2 x 0.2 works great for a 30 pearl necklace. Name it "test bead" and put it in the same prim as the script. Then touch the prim and you will see a necklace magically appear in front of you. // // Use edit to select all the prims (this is why you need a sandbox, so you dont accidentally also select unwanted prims) and then link them. (or delete them, play with the parameters some more and try again). // // Ariane Brodie's homemade fine jewelry in Second Life // // Then it is just a matter of resizing (this makes really big necklaces), attaching to your chest, and positioning and rotating it to fit around your neck. // // Note that the first few lines are parameters you can play with (setting a to 1 and b to 0 makes a nice round bracelet). You can make the necklace as fine as you want with as many prims as you want. Most of the necklaces in game are about 60 prims. The bigger the numbead count, the smaller the test bead size should be. // // After making a pearl necklace, try throwing down a torus size .2 x .2 x .2, // twist -360 to 360 hole size 0.05, 0.50 advanced cut .88 to .9 // // Put this Link Script in the prim before loading it in the necklace generator // Set the numbeads to 50, and viola! // // If you put the link script in, then linked all the chain links together then edit, replace the link script with this chain script. // // Now you can make your chain turn gold, silver, glow or not with some simple commands. // // Bonus Project: You can also use the necklace generator to create a prim skirt
Jewelry Link Script
Jewelry If you put the link script in, then linked all the chain links together then edit, replace the link script with this chain script.
Sim Feedback Reports sim stats as a HUD
Skirt Maker The script
Teleport triple use script: // Teleports toucher to target position, // senses nearby avatars and transmits data, // listens in on local chatter and transmits that as well. // By Ariane Brodie et al.
Walls Just drop a script into each floor, wall or ceiling prim, and type commands on the /10 channel. You can read the scripts to see what the commands are, note you can handle the floor walls and roof separately or together. It is easy to add your own commands and textures if you want. // // Commands: Use "/10 command" to send // black, grid, glass, wood, dirt, grass, white, rock, mountain, hide // to affect just floor add "floor" to the end with no spaces, i.e. blackfloor, gridfloor... // to affect just walls add "walls" to the end // to affect just roof add "roof" to the end
Walls Wall script (bonus command "light" makes all your walls glow, "dark" reverses it.)
Walls Floor Script (bonus command "miston" covers your floor with fog, "mistoff" turns the fog machines off)
Walls Door Script - Behaves like normal wall most of the time, but command "open" moves the wall like a garage door which automatically closes 10 seconds later.

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