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Animation anim script.lsl
Animation BJ Drinking Script.lsl
Animation BJ Drinking Script(No Falling Down).lsl
Animation Dance Hud. Add animations to this and wear it as a HUD
Animation Animation HUD Next button
Animation Animation HUD Previous Button
Animation DESCRIPTION: []::Animation HUD Root Prim
Animation Dance Pole + Av Mover.lsl
Animation Drinking Script
ANimation DrinkScript.lsl
ANimation Flame.lsl
Animation Jump Super.lsl
Animation Dance.lsl was totally re-written by Ferd Frederis. This is Open Source, do with as you wish.
Animation Sleep-on-Idle.lsl
Animation SmokingActions.lsl
Animation Super Jump.lsl
AO A very simple AO using the newest Second Life commands
Attachment Attach to Avatar.lsl
Avatar Age Age Check.lsl
Avatar Key Owner AV Key Script.lsl
Bling Bling 3 secs.lsl
Bling Bling for Wavys ring.lsl
Bling Bling script.lsl
Bling GoldBling1.lsl
Bling GoldBling2 (last Longer).lsl
Bling good white blinker.lsl
Bling sparkly 1.lsl
Browser Browser Launch Script.lsl
Browser Create a notecard 'bookmarks' with a list of URLS
Browser Touch Url-loader.lsl
Buckyball Buckyball
Building control.lsl
Building Positioning Tool Script.lsl
Building Touching this script causes the object to double or halve in size.
Building Set and Move.lsl
Building Show_Hide.lsl
Building Show_Hide (Owner Only).lsl
Building Show Sides.lsl
Building Stay in sim!.lsl
Building Tape measure.lsl
Candles Candle Script.lsl
Chat Chat Logger Script.lsl
Chat Chatbot.Eliza .lsl
Chat Spy Mic.lsl
Cloaking Cloak Objects by voice.lsl
Cloaking Cloaking.lsl
Cloaking Cloaking Control Script.lsl
Color Cid Jacob s Color Change.lsl
Color Color and TextONclick Script.lsl
Color color change script.lsl
Color Color Changer.lsl
Color Color generator.lsl
Color ColorChange.lsl
Color Large Color Change Script - Linked channel 1 color.lsl
Color Set Color.lsl
Color The Color Master by Tyken Hightower.lsl
Dance Dance Hud. Add animations to this and wear it as a HUD
Dance Dance Hud Next Button
Dance Dance Hud Prev
Dance Dance Hud Stop Button
Die Chat Die.lsl
Die Display Model Script.lsl
Die Kill Object.lsl
Die Kill Object 1.0.lsl
Die No Lost and Found.lsl
Die Touch Die.lsl
Door The script
Door Auto Door Left.lsl
Door BackWindow.lsl
Door Door (class Script).lsl
Door door Locking.lsl
Door Door quiet.lsl
Door This has an API so you can put a PIN number in the door to control access or as the script says "whatever".
Door Drawer Script.lsl
Door Group Door.lsl
Door Iris Opener v1.lsl
Door Passive Doorscript (autoclose) -reset on rez.lsl
Door phantomdoorwithpassword(all).lsl
Door phantomdoorwithpassword(owner).lsl
Door slide door.lsl
Door sliding door script.lsl
Door Who's at the door_.lsl
Drop Box Dropbox.lsl
Eject SendHome Newbies.lsl
Elevator an elevator.lsl
Elevator Elevator Script.lsl
Environment day night script that detect and do stuff.lsl
Environment Environmental Effects.lsl
Exploding Objects Introduction: // // Making things blow up is good fun. One often-undesirable side-effect of things blowing up is that they leave debris behind. This script example can be used to make an object blow up, and have the resulting debris automatically vanish. In particular, it sets the object to physical (so the physics engine will cause it to blow up in an aesthetically pleasing way), sets it to temp-on-rez (so that all the prims will vanish when the sim gets tired of having them around), and then breaks all the links in the object (causing it to blow up). // Usage // // To use this script, stick it into the root prim of the object in question (after reading the Limitations and Notes below to make sure the object qualifies), say "Yes" to the prompt about whether or not it should be able to change links, and then say "collapse" on channel 7 (like "/7collapse", you know). The object will then blow up. The debris it leaves behind will vanish automatically a bit later, just after you've decided that it's not going to and you're going to have to clean it all up by hand. // Limitations and Notes // // This script works only on objects into the root prim of which you can stick a script. Which is good, really, as you wouldn't want other people causing your personal objects to blow up. // // More significantly, the script works only on objects that consist of 32 or fewer prims. This is because (at least as of this writing) objects with more than 32 prims cannot be made physical. If you have a larger object, you can manually divide it up into multiple 32-prim-or-less objects and stick this script into the root prim of each one. Then they will all blow up together on command. Probably. Although I haven't ever actually tried that. // // Before activating the script, you should make sure that the object is not interpenetrating with some other object (the ground is probably okay). This is because things that are interpenetrating with other things also cannot be made physical. // // The degree of explodingness of the object will depend largely on how much overlap there is between the various prims making up the object. Objects made of largely-nonoverlapping prims will collapse in a more or less leisurely fashion, whereas objects whose prims overlap heavily may scatter debris all over the place. // // Objects consisting of just a couple of prims, or (clearly) just one, won't do anything all that interesting when this script is activated. Unless sort of falling over and then disappearing is interesting. The more prims (up to and not exceeding 32) the merrier, in general. // // To change the channel on which the object listens or the command that it listens for, or to allow it to accept the command from anyone rather than just the owner, made the blindingly obvious change(s) to the first few lines.
Eyeballs eyeball follower.lsl
Eyeballs oog script onder.lsl
Fireworks mortar start script.lsl
Flight Assist Cyberflight 1.0 1.lsl
Flight Assist Final Flight 2.lsl
Flight Assist Flight.lsl
Floating Text Floating text remove.lsl
Follower Make a pet follow you
Follower Sensorless_Pet_follower_script
Games Domino.lsl
Games Random rezzer
Games Random Rezzer
Games random game
Glasses Matrix Glasses 2004 Controller.lsl
Greeter Welcome Script.lsl
Greeter Who touched me.lsl
Hebrew reverse for hebrew -.lsl
Helicopter controller
Helicopter link message for seat
Helicopter seat prim
Helicopter bullet rezzer
HoverText Banner Text.lsl
HoverText FlipTitle.lsl
HoverText KillHoverText.lsl
HoverText switching text.lsl
HoverText title maker chan9.lsl
HUD Auto attach.lsl
HUD Hud Hider.lsl
Inventory Giver Give Item Once - IM.lsl
Inventory Giver Give Item (To Anyone) on Touch.lsl
Inventory Giver Help Station.lsl
Inventory Giver Landmark Giver.lsl
Inventory Giver LandMark_NoteCard Giver.lsl
Inventory Giver SeagelYadNiContentGiverOnTouch.lsl
Invisibility Invisibility.lsl
Invisibility Invis script.lsl
Lag Meter The script
Land Set Damage in a prim - useful for bullets
Land LandOwner Key.lsl
Light Light Bulb Broadcaster.lsl
Light listener.lsl
Light neon light script - touch on_off, fully adjustable.lsl
Light a version that blinks
Lighting lamptouch -very slow particle, will change prim to light_wood.lsl
Look At Lets you point a linked prim at an object
Messaging Broadcaster Script.lsl
Money Donate.lsl
Movement Prim Spin SCRIPT TEMPLATE.lsl
Music Jukebox Track WAV.lsl
Notecard Reader Read Notecard DataServer Example.lsl
NPC animator
NPC clone
NPC come here
NPC controller
NPC dance
NPC follow
NPC Master
NPC Recall
NPC Stop
Online Indicator Online Status Indicator v1.lsl
OpenSimOnly Puts text on a virtual screen
Owner Key Key Finder script.lsl
Particles Aura.lsl
Particles Aura (no particles and omega).lsl
Particles blue light.lsl
Particles Dark Footiesteps.lsl
Particles Flower rezzer 1.lsl
Particles Fog_ground.lsl
Particles Hot Food Steamming Mist.lsl
Particles my ring of fire.lsl
Particles Party Fogger.lsl
Particles Purple particles Find Owner.lsl
Particles RedWand.lsl
Particles smokey.lsl
Particles SteamJunk_Factory_Smoker_BigStack
Particles SteamJunk_Jet_Flame_large_blue
Particles SteamJunk_ManholeVent_Smoker
Particles Threesome flowers.lsl
Particles tropfen.lsl
Particles Voice Activated Particle Systems.lsl
Particles vomit.lsl
Particles ziphren pixie sparkles blue.lsl
Pet The script
Pet Follow Me.lsl
Pet A gadget that follows a target when rezzed by a controller. Useful in attack huds and rezzers
Pet Moving Tentacle.lsl
Phantom Phantom Script.lsl
Pose Balls antiposeball 5 help [NOTECARD] .lsl
Pose Balls chair sitting script.lsl
Pose Balls Poseball just owner.lsl
Pose Balls SitOnAnimate.lsl
Pose Balls T Poser.lsl
Positioning Car.lsl
Prim rotate prim.lsl
Radar Radar Controller w on_off toggle.lsl
Random Numbers Random Numbers.lsl
Rental Rental (Vendor).lsl
Reset Reset other Script.lsl
Rezzers Jutsu Rezzer.lsl
Rezzers multi item rezer.lsl
Rezzers Rezzer_with_extended_menu
Rezzers Simple Casting.lsl
Rotation Orbit around a point like a moon
Rotation Rotation Finder.lsl
Rotation Rotation Script.lsl
Rotation Rotation Script Slow.lsl
Rotation say rotation.lsl
Rotation Slow Rotation Script.lsl
Scanner Avatar Alert Script.lsl
Scanner ChanScan.lsl
Scanner detection script.lsl
Sculpt Restart the GIMP after creating the file (or refresh the scripts with Xtns->Script-Fu->Refresh Scripts from the Tools window). A new menu item will appear in the Image window (Script-Fu->SecondLife->Export Sculptie). The script will prompt the user for a filename, and then will export the image as a mesh which can be uploaded into a 3D modelling tool. // // Note that the script does not close off the top and bottom seams of the model the way SL does. Other than that the model will look very similar in a 3D tool as it does in SL.
Security security orb script.lsl // A better script is at by mangowylder
Sign DESCRIPTION: []::Hypergrid_Events_Sign pulls events from a datbase for display in world
Signs Parasol.lsl
Sound Frog sensor.lsl
Sound Frog timer.lsl
Sound Loop Sound in inventory.lsl
Sound No Noise!.lsl
Sound BRan.lsl
Sound single song.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - Intermittent.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - Intermittent Day.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - Intermittent Night.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - Loop.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - On Attach.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - On Touch.lsl
Sound Sound Script.lsl
Sound sound sequence sensor.lsl
Special Effects Avatar Magnet.lsl
Spells Spell Settings.lsl
Spells Wand Script.lsl
Stair A simple spiral staircase, one step at a time. XML files, too, so it is easy to load
Swarm Swarm of bees
Teleport Teleport.lsl
Teleport teleport anywhere script.lsl
Teleport Edit the variable targetPos to set the target position you will end up at. I also set the prim to from the normal 'touch' to 'sit'. One click and you teleport
Texture Cycle Textures.lsl
Texture hide_show-chan9.lsl
Texture Picture Presenter.lsl
Texture play texture.lsl
Texture Set_Texture script.lsl
Texture the Script
Texture Texture Finder Script.lsl
Texture TextureSwitcher - Touch.lsl
Touch no pass touches script.lsl
Touch Touch Fire.lsl
Tour Guide waypoint_config.lsl
Trampoline Springboard.lsl
TV TV Script.lsl
TV TV Station Script.lsl
Underwater fish rezzer.lsl
Underwater Fish script
Utilities makes a unique channel for listeners specific to the owner
Vehicles Car code V3.lsl
Vehicles Car Front Wheel (realistic).lsl
Vehicles Car Script.lsl
Vehicles Car Script (Front Wheel).lsl
Vehicles Car Script (Rear Wheel).lsl
Vehicles Car Seat.lsl
Vehicles Chen Engine.lsl
Vehicles Copter (new) V1.lsl
Vehicles Flying Saucer Script 2.lsl
Vehicles Hover Disk Script.lsl
Vehicles Hoverboard.lsl
Vehicles Improved Motorcycle.lsl
Vehicles Jet Pack Script.lsl
Vehicles NPV.lsl
Vehicles Physics Watcher Script.lsl
Vehicles Pilot's Chair ver. 1.lsl
Vehicles RC Script.lsl
Vehicles seat script bumper car.lsl
Vehicles XC5-1 hovercraft pose ball controller
Vehicles flight script for XC-5 hovercraft
Vendor Sales Assistant v1.lsl
Visitor Counter Visitor List Maker.lsl
Water Running water.lsl
Water Waterfall Mist.lsl
Weapon bullet
Weapon a hammer to toss on people
Weapon the HUD
Weapons Collisons.lsl
Weapons Dueling Sword.lsl
Weapons Gun Script.lsl
Weapons LoLSBS Gun Script.lsl
Weapons Pillow Fighter.lsl
Weapons Popgun.lsl
Weapons saber script v2.lsl
Weapons Sand Hurricane! Script.lsl
Weapons Shoot.lsl
Weapons Sends fire to an avatar
Weapons Sword Dueling.lsl
Weapons Swordfighting.lsl
Weapons turret.lsl
Weapons F-F Class 4 script (v2).lsl
Windows controlled window.lsl
Windows lens opacity.lsl
Windows Window Controller.lsl

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