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Chain Particles Amethyst Chain Script.lsl
Particles Aura.lsl
Particles Aura (no particles and omega).lsl
Particles BasicParticle
Particles The script
Particles Bling particles
Particles Bling
Particles blood!.lsl
Particles blue light.lsl
Particles Rezzes particle butterflies
Particles Sends chains to a person so you can lead them around by a leash
Particles Sends particle chains to another prim, like for a drawbridge
Particles Clean-white-smoke.lsl//Particles Script by vaguegirl Petty
Particles Cold_Breath
Particles Command Bubbles.lsl
Particles DANGER! Particles 2, hottub by Taylor.lsl
Particles Dark Footiesteps.lsl
Particles effect Red Rapture.lsl
Particles eltee's Particle Engine 1.lsl
Particles engine effect.lsl
Particles Fairy_Lights
Particles Ama Omega Particle Script 0.lsl
Particles [EFFECT]Zzang10 light peach to pastel orange.lsl
Particles [EFFECT]Zzang1delete.lsl
Particles Flower rezzer 1.lsl
Particles Fog_ground.lsl
Particles Glowstick.lsl
Particles The script
Particles Green Particles.lsl
Particles Gush_Blood
Particles Creates hearts when two people are near the prim.
Particles Hot Food Steamming Mist.lsl
Particles Lazer Beam.lsl
Particles Lazer script.lsl
Particles Leafs
Particles [EFFECT]Zzang3white then light purple to dark.lsl
Particles llGetAgentInfoparticle_poofer_example
Particles Copy and paste the following script in a new script. Put it in a prim. // // Set transparency of the prim to 100%, and make the prim phantom. // // After checking if the script works (It should rain), edit the prim again, and remove the script. The prim should continue to rain, even if you copy it.
Particles First the actual rain script:
Particles And a script to toggle rain on/off on touch.
Particles Make_Snow
Particles my ring of fire.lsl
Particles Particle Garden - Grows slowly, random textures by Zara Vale.lsl
Particles EMITEBIG.lsl
Particles Party Fogger.lsl
Particles Purple particles Find Owner.lsl
Particles RedWand.lsl
Particles The script
Particles Smoke
particles smoke puffs
Particles smokey.lsl
Particles Use this image for the particle
Particles SnowGlobe Script 2.lsl
Particles Special Particle Sensor _Brain_.lsl
Particles Special Particle Sensor Instructions [NOTECARD] .lsl
Particles Square_Particle_Garden
Particles steam.lsl
Particles SteamJunk_Factory_Smoker_BigStack
Particles SteamJunk_Jet_Flame_large_blue
Particles SteamJunk_ManholeVent_Smoker
Particles Threesome flowers.lsl
Particles tropfen.lsl
Particles Voice Activated Particle Systems.lsl
Particles vomit.lsl
Particles Ama's_Jopsy's Particle Script 0.lsl
Particles ziphren pixie sparkles blue.lsl

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