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Weapons won't stick i the ground will fall straight through.
Weapons Basic Gun Script
Weapons BasicGun
Weapons There are two scripts, one for each prim. The forst is for the bow, the second goes in the arrow. Attach the arrow to your right hand
Weapons Bullet20
Weapons BulletBasic
Weapons BulletBlank
Weapons BulletCage
Weapons BulletExplode
Weapons BulletKill
Weapons BulletPush
Weapons Cannon
Weapons Collisons.lsl
Weapons add a "sink" script into the arrow for it to stick
Weapons Dueling Sword.lsl
Weapons Explode
Weapons Gun Script.lsl
Weapons There are 3 scripts involved in this : // // put the Giant Hammer script in a hammer shaped object, maybe adjust params depending on hammer size, centre of rotation etc. // put the Hammer in the Bullet object (any prim will do, but I use a tiny invisible one!) and add the Bullet script // put the Bullet (now containing the Hammer) in the HUD object // // When you wear the HUD it will tell you what to do. // // The HUD (Hammer Thrower)
Weapons The Bullet
Weapons The Giant Hammer
Weapons Kill List Control.lsl
Weapons LoLSBS Gun Script.lsl
Weapons MultiGun
Weapons Pillow Fighter.lsl
Weapons Popgun.lsl
Weapons Revolver Script.lsl
Weapons rocketlauncher.lsl
Weapons saber script v2.lsl
Weapons Sand Hurricane! Script.lsl
Weapons Shoot.lsl
Weapons Sends fire to an avatar
Weapons Swarm Script.lsl
Weapons Swarm Script Instructions [NOTECARD].lsl
Weapons Sword Dueling.lsl
Weapons sword script.lsl
Weapons Swordfighting.lsl
Weapons Timed_Mine
Weapons turret.lsl
Weapons F-F Class 4 script (v2).lsl
Weapons Zombieprim

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