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Walls Just drop a script into each floor, wall or ceiling prim, and type commands on the /10 channel. You can read the scripts to see what the commands are, note you can handle the floor walls and roof separately or together. It is easy to add your own commands and textures if you want. // // Commands: Use "/10 command" to send // black, grid, glass, wood, dirt, grass, white, rock, mountain, hide // to affect just floor add "floor" to the end with no spaces, i.e. blackfloor, gridfloor... // to affect just walls add "walls" to the end // to affect just roof add "roof" to the end
Walls Wall script (bonus command "light" makes all your walls glow, "dark" reverses it.)
Walls Floor Script (bonus command "miston" covers your floor with fog, "mistoff" turns the fog machines off)
Walls Door Script - Behaves like normal wall most of the time, but command "open" moves the wall like a garage door which automatically closes 10 seconds later.

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