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Vehicles My more elaborate airplane and bird scripts are also available free in world, but I suggest that this is the place to start. This scrpt is public domain "Copyleft!". My others are distributed under GNU Free Public Licenses, so only the ideas and short sections of script should be used in proprietary flight scripts, not long sections verbatim. Direct derivatives of the others should remain open source. // // I am anxious for others to use my new methods. I realize that most sl residents don't have strong backgrounds in physical analysis and modeling, numerical methods and real time programming, so I have tried to make this a script that others will be able to use as a starting place and adapt to their own requirements. One can look at the other scripts when ready to add more details and features.
Vehicles To fly, this also requires the pilot seat script, also in the root prim.
Vehicles DESCRIPTION: []::Attitude_Indicator_Artificial_Horizizon
Vehicles Boat
Vehicles added a listener on ch 8000 to message back the boat's position. // added "up" and "down" flight commands processing to straighten boat. // added "touch" processing to straighten boat. // fixed llsit targets for opensim prim sitting
Vehicles BoatWake
Vehicles Car code V3.lsl
Vehicles Car Front Wheel (realistic).lsl
Vehicles Car Script.lsl
Vehicles Car Script (Front Wheel).lsl
Vehicles Car Script (Rear Wheel).lsl
Vehicles Car Seat.lsl
Vehicles CarSeat
Vehicles Chen Engine.lsl
Vehicles Copter (new) V1.lsl
Vehicles DontSitHere
Vehicles Flight Script EEv2.lsl
Vehicles Flying Saucer Script 2.lsl
Vehicles Helicopter
Vehicles Blade
Vehicles Hover Disk Script.lsl
Vehicles Hoverboard.lsl
Vehicles Improved Motorcycle.lsl
Vehicles Jet Pack Script.lsl
Vehicles JetPack
Vehicles KU - Smooth Motorbike Script.lsl
Vehicles Basic flight script for birds // This script uses the SL physics engine to implement a standard simple linearized model of the flight of an airplane. As far a the author knows, this is the only real attempt by an sl scripter to model the forces on a flying body. Other flight scripts (except derivatives of this one) start from a generic sl vehicle and add airplane-like features such as banking and a minimum flight speed, an approach that will not lead to realistic flight without endless correction. // This script is still distributed under a GNU Free Public License, but, in case the copyright covers more than I realize, I specifically grant permission to use the methods and short sections of this script in proprietary scripts. Direct derivatives, on the other hand, can be used in proprietary airplanes, but the derived scripts must be distributed in editable form, in some way.
Vehicles Motor Yacht v0.lsl
Vehicles Motorcycle Script.lsl
Vehicles NPV.lsl
Vehicles Physics Watcher Script.lsl
Vehicles Pilot's Chair ver. 1.lsl
Vehicles RC Script.lsl
Vehicles Realistic Car.lsl
Vehicles Realistic Car Front Wheel.lsl
Vehicles Realistic Car Instructions .lsl
Vehicles Realistic Car Rear Wheel.lsl
Vehicles Realistic Car Seat.lsl
Vehicles Realistic Car with remote mod.lsl
Vehicles seat script bumper car.lsl
Vehicles Simple Airplane 1.0.lsl
Vehicles Simple Vehicle 1.0.lsl
Vehicles SuperCar
Vehicles First the readme: // // Train Engine/Car v1.1 // ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ // Note: The checkpoints are already setup for MonopolyMall. // // Version History // -------------------- // - v1.1 // * Ability for Start, Stop, Running, and Idle sounds added. // - v1.0 // * Initial Release // // // Multiple Cars // -------------------- // Find "carnumber = 1;" in the Car script and change it to the next number from the previous car. For instance.... The engine would be considered 0, the number of the first car after the engine would be 1, the second car after the engine would be 2 and so on.... So in the first car the 'carnumber' would be 1 ("carnumber = 1;"), second car would be 2 ("carnumber = 2;"), and so on... // // Train Offset // -------------------- // Find "cpoffset = <0.0, 0.0, -1.199>;" in both the Engine and Car script and modify them as needed. This offset allows you to change the position of all of the checkpoints... This will allow you to make modifications on the positioning of the train on the track without having to change all of the checkpoints. So, if the train is 1 meter above the track you would change "<0.0, 0.0, -1.199>" to "<0.0, 0.0, -1.0>". If it is 1 meter below the track, you would change it to "<0.0, 0.0, 1.0>". (Note: There is the possibility to change the position of the "direction prim" instead of using this offset. For more information on the "direction prim" see 'Advanced Information - Train/Car Prim Setup') // // Speed // -------------------- // Find "speed = 10.0;" in both the Engine and Car script and change the "10.0" number to your wanted speed. (They must match in each script). Slower = Higher number. Faster = Lower number. (Note: The faster it is the more jumpy it will look.) // // Multiple Trains // -------------------- // Find "enginechannel = -549816546;" in both the Engine and Car script and change them to something different. (They must match in each script) // It is suggested to only use negative numbers. (Any number from -1 to -2147483648). Make sure that this number is different for each train. // // Checkpoints // -------------------- // There isn't any 'automated' way to add, remove, or modify the location of a checkpoint... Open the Engine script and find the line that says "list checkpoints = " all of the stuff behind the equal sign is what makes up the track of the train. Between the quote marks are the cordinates, the time to wait for, the current station name, and the next station name. e.g. "<108.21135, 63.93224, 63.44129>:20:Reading Railroad:Pennsylvania Railroad" - "<108.21135, 63.93224, 63.44129>" are the cordinates, "20" is the number of seconds to wait for, "Reading Railroad" is the name of the station, and "Pennsylvania Railroad" is the name of the next station. (If you change the 'checkpoints' in the Engine script, make sure to also change it in the Car scripts) // Update: If there is an s after the time to wait for, the stopping sound will be played when the train arrives at that checkpoint. // // Train/Car Prim Setup // -------------------- // The easiest thing to do is to make a small prim (0.1x0.1x0.1) and make it the root prim and center it on the train or car, then rotate the prim you just made so the +Z axis is facing in the direction you want the train to face when it is moving. It may take awhile to get the rotation for the direction correct. (*Warning*: I have hard coded the start rotation of the train into the code for MonopolyMall, so then the rotation wouldn't become 'strange' after making several rounds on the track. So if this is used somewhere else you will need to change the hardcoded rotation.) // // Usage // -------------------- // After making any needed changes to the script/train. Put the car script in each car of the train and change the 'carnumber' as needed. When finished doing the cars, put the Engine Script into the engine of the train. // // Sound // -------------------- // Open the Train Engine script and modify the stop, stopvolume, running, runningvolume, start, startvolume, and stopsoundlength variables. // * stop - The name or UUID of the sound to play when stopping at a station. // - e.g. 'string stop = "train_stop";' or 'string stop = "0bbda905-2797-5522-1eb5-7057937c7830";'. // * stopvolume - The volume to play the stopping sound. // - e.g. 'float stopvolume = 1.0;'. // * running - The name or UUID of the sound to play when moving on the track. // - e.g. 'string running = "train_running";' or 'string running = "38a3de37-8250-f77c-9d68-57fb0ce3e82b";'. // * runningvolume - The volume to play the running sound. // - e.g. 'float runningvolume = 1.0;'. // * idle - The name or UUID of the sound to play when moving on the track. // - e.g. 'string idle = "train_idle";' or 'string idle = "38a3de37-8250-f77c-9d68-57fb0ce3e82b";'. // * idlevolume - The volume to play the idle sound. // - e.g. 'float idlevolume = 1.0;'. // * start - The name or UUID of the sound to play when leaving a station. // - e.g. 'string start = "train_start";' or 'string start = "c55b672b-4054-0725-ac7b-ab71eda7ddfb";'. // * startvolume - The volume to play the starting sound. // - e.g. 'float startvolume = 1.0;'. // * startsoundlength - The time that the starting sound plays for, in seconds. (Needed so then the script will know when to start playing the running sound) // - e.g. 'float startsoundlength = 0.5;'. // Note (stop, running, idle, start): If your going to use the name of the sound, the sound file must be in the same prim as the script. To not play a sound during start, running, or stop leave the variable empty. e.g. 'string stop = "";' // // Next the Train Engine:
Vehicles Lastly the Train car
Vehicles WheelScript
Vehicles XC5-1 hovercraft pose ball controller
Vehicles flight script for XC-5 hovercraft

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