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Tour Guide Tour controller for airplane
Tour Guide Tour conteoller for airplane
Tour Guide Opensim Scooter
Tour Guide Camera controller
Tour Guide Route notecard holds the coords for the tour
Tour Guide Airplane script for tour plane
Tour Guide Opensim Supercar
Tour Guide Tour controller for airplane
Tour Guide This Tour Guide by Wandering Yaffle for Second Life turns a set of coordinates and notecards into an automated tour. The object hovers along a path, emitting chat lines at each stop and waiting to be touched to continue.// // Place the following script and notecards in an object. Add a notecard for each stop in the tour. The "initialise" notecard contains the x,y,z coordinates and the names of notecards with chat lines. Waypoints with no comment are noted with ">". These are useful for going around walls, up stairways, etc. // // Sample "initialise" notecard
Tour Guide The script
Tour Guide Recorder prim script. After you set out the waypoint prims, click this to get the notecard contents for the tour guide
Tour Guide Rezzer script. Put a copy of your finished tour into a prim with this script and then touch it.
Tour Guide Optional flexi wing script. add a wing texture to a flat prim. This script will flap the wings. Note: does not work on sculpted wings.
Tour Guide Waypoint script. This is a cube that you name '10'. Rez them to set up a route.
Tour Guide The scripts for this tour were made by Ferd Frederix he is a great scripter who believes in opensource wich is great for us poor sobs, You can download the scripts// here. There is a post about how to make a pretty tour swan ride at this spot.
Tour Guide The main tour script. Put this in the seat of the tour guide.
Tour Guide You must also add a note card called "Route". It can be a blank note card to start with. Later, you will add the coordinates to this notecard.// After you teach the tour guide how to move, you paste the coordinates into the notecard. The syntax of the notecard is as follows. A Pipe "|" is used as a delimiter.:// // Ignored text|PrimName|X|Y|X|text to chat|Sound UUID to play// // Ignored text: everything up to the first | symbol is ignored. This is usually the date and tijme and prim name of the recorder as copied from chat. // // PrimName: This will be the name of the prim to move to. It starts at 10 and adds 10 for each prim you rez. You can add more waypoints between the numbers, up to 9 more. // // X,Y,Z: The X, Y and Z coordinates of a waypoint // // Text to chat: The script will automatically fill in the Description of the waypoint prim. You can also edit the niatecard and add your own text. This text will be typed into chat when it heads for that waypoint. // // Sound UUID : A UUID of a sound can be entered. The sound will play when the waypoint is the next destination.
Tour Guide Poseball script. Put this into as many pose balls as you need.
Tour Guide waypoint_config.lsl

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