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Teleport Elven Door teleport System
Teleport DESCRIPTION: []::Elven Door teleport System
Teleport DESCRIPTION: []::Elven Door teleport System
Teleport DESCRIPTION: []::Elven Door teleport System invisible prim - put inside the main system
Teleport his script is useful for anyone needing a tp script attached to something that will be moved and rezzed regularly, such as a home.
Teleport Long distance teleport version 1.lsl
Teleport PortRingCreator version 1.3.lsl
Teleport PortRingRetriever version 1.3.lsl
Teleport This is Sheena Desade's Sim-to-Sim Teleporter Script (v3.1). // // Features/Pros: // Smart Menu - seamlessly cycles, rearranges buttons in a logical order. // Dynamic List Parsing - never worry about breaking the script by adding or removing a location. Instant Teleportation (no confirmation required!) via chat link (visit for more nifty links you can add to your own products). // Add as many locations as the script's memory can hold! // // Missing/Cons: // Sanity checks! Format things correctly, or it will break. // Private chat - this says everything on channel zero for everyone to hear (does not use llRegionSayTo). // Annoying notecard configuration. // The sim/place names/location vectors lists could have been combined into one to save a little more memory. // // --------- // 'Data' notecard: // // Hover_Text = Multi-Region Pseudo Teleporter: Click for Destinations // Menu_Text = Please select your destination: // Menu_Channel = 4765 // Selection_Wait_Time = 30.0 // Niamhinations! | Windlesham @ 207/580/133 // --------- // // (template for the locations: Company Name | Region Name @ location x/location y/location z)
Teleport modified by: Donjr Spiegelblatt (May 17, 2012) // add support for: // multi-users of the menu system at the same time // Cancel button when only one menu is used // suppot for comment lines in Data starting with # character // new features: // PrettyButton layout of the buttons in dialogs // combined placeNames, simNames and locationVectors into a two strided list called places
Teleport Notecard Information
Teleport Opensim Teleporter with auto-sync
Teleport Opensim TReleport with auto sync
Teleport Teleport.lsl
Teleport triple use script: // Teleports toucher to target position, // senses nearby avatars and transmits data, // listens in on local chatter and transmits that as well. // By Ariane Brodie et al.
Teleport teleport anywhere script.lsl
Teleport Drop this script into a hud
Teleport This is my(Donjr Spiegelblatt) version of Teleport hud v2.lsl
Teleport Edit the variable targetPos to set the target position you will end up at. I also set the prim to from the normal 'touch' to 'sit'. One click and you teleport
Teleport Teleport witin a sim
Teleport WarpPos_Teleporter

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