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Spy Caution. Use of this script may violate the TOS. Think of it as a weapon // // // Don't use this to spy on people without their permission // // // NO REALLY - DON'T // // // SECURITY // I take the Open Source security software attitude to this. You can't increase security through obscurity. All users of SL should be aware that tiny, invisible objects might be relaying their conversations to other AVs, or even sending IMs or HTTP messages out of SL. A bit like real life really, it's just that bugging is easier in SL. // // If you want a semblance of privacy then use a one time pad code end to end in a sim which is completely off limits to all except your invited guests; deny others the ability to execute scripts or place objects; return all objects and check for running scripts (using estate tools) before you start your conversation.
Spy The SETTINGS notecard
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