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Sound Ambient Sound.lsl
Sound boombox.lsl
Sound Frog sensor.lsl
Sound Frog timer.lsl
Sound its better to play many wavs sound looped i used in a merry go round
Sound Loop Sound in inventory.lsl
Sound The script
Sound No Noise!.lsl
Sound Simple sound script.
Sound Plays a sound and an animation
Sound Psykes_Music_Script_Looped
Sound BRan.lsl
Sound 1. Put this script inside of the object you'd like to make a "random" greeter // 2. Put a notecard called "SAYINGS" inside the script // * Each song should be on one line and <= 255 characters in length // * Each song must be in inventory and have the same name as given in the notecard (or bad things will happen)
Sound single song.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - Intermittent.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - Intermittent Day.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - Intermittent Night.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - Loop.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - On Attach.lsl
Sound Sound Prim Script - On Touch.lsl
Sound Sound Script.lsl
Sound sound sequence sensor.lsl

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