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Sculpt Change the timer constant for different playback speeds. You can put as many sculpt maps as you want, it will play them back in order.
Sculpt sculpt_change.lsl
Sculpt Restart the GIMP after creating the file (or refresh the scripts with Xtns->Script-Fu->Refresh Scripts from the Tools window). A new menu item will appear in the Image window (Script-Fu->SecondLife->Export Sculptie). The script will prompt the user for a filename, and then will export the image as a mesh which can be uploaded into a 3D modelling tool. // // Note that the script does not close off the top and bottom seams of the model the way SL does. Other than that the model will look very similar in a 3D tool as it does in SL.
Sculpt OpenLoft - Description
Sculpt Openloft.lsl
Sculpt BezierRez.lsl
Sculpt control.lsl
Sculpt encloser.lsl
Sculpt mirror.lsl
Sculpt nodetools.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: State Control.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: Node Control.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: HTTP Sender.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: Data transfer.lsl
Sculpt Sculpt: Bezier.lsl
Sculpt sculpt: Bezier Controller.lsl
Sculpt Node: Node.lsl
Sculpt Change Log
Sculpt Physical - keep still
Sculpt func.gdbundle.php
Sculpt vertex2sculpt.php

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