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Rezzers CaseInsensitive-Listen-Rezzer.lsl
Rezzers Jutsu Rezzer.lsl
Rezzers multi item rezer.lsl
Rezzers you can have tons of fun with this if you fool with it
Rezzers While the example in the wiki at LlRezAtRoot - Second Life Wiki shows very clearly how to map a rezzed prim's offset and rotation into the rezzing prim's coordinate system, I've always wondered how to calculate these if you can't, for whatever reason, read the initial offset and rotations with the rezzing prim rotated at ZERO_ROTATION (i.e. the x, y and z numbers in the prim's rotation box in edit mode set at <0.0,0.0,0.0>). // // I took a look, though, at how the Builders Buddy does it, and it's a lot simpler than I thought it would be. Here's my version of the calculation, so the rezzer positions the prim rather than (as with the Builders Buddy) having a script in the rezzed object move it into position. // // NB -- you can only rez objects up to 10 meters from the rezzer. It will silently fail otherwise. // // To make this work, set up the rezzer at whatever rotation you want, and place the object you want to rez at the correct relative position. You can either then read their respective positions and rotations by dropping the following simple script into each one and copy-pasting the results into the main script, or, if prefer, you can just read the numbers from the rotation boxes in the prims' edit windows and let the script convert the vector to rotation. // // Either way, enter them in the rezzer script, and there you are. // // I hope this is some help to people.
Rezzers Helper Script
Rezzers Rez_a_Bowling_Pin_above_a_prim
Rezzers Rezzer_with_extended_menu
Rezzers Simple Casting.lsl
Rezzers Skirt_Rezzer
Rezzers Twisted creations 2007-2011 // // Simple yet very efficient rezzer system, ideal for vehicles. // TIP: Set your vehicles to temprezz, this way you will not need a etra script or part of code to delete it when ppl stop using it. // // There properly more uses for it enjoy. // Keep this script free, and credits intact would be nice!

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