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Resizer *DS* Resize Script (m/c/t) by Daemonika Nightfire (daemonika.nightfire) // // Resize Script for rezzed Objects and Attachments. // Single-script for a complete linkset with save and restore option. // // Featueres: // • By the first run or reset of this script, it will ask you to save all parameters. // The parameters will be stored in the descriptionfield of each prim, that needs no script-memory :) // • You can save, resize and restore individual prims or the complette linkset. // • Deleting this script from the object is not required because its only one. // // Standby-Time ~ 0.004 ms // Working-Time with 200 moving Prims ~ 4.000 up to 16.000 ms // after finalizing Standby-Time ~ 0.004 ms again // // Note: // • You have to stand on a posestand, if you want to edit attached attachments. // This is necessary because otherwise the linkset is misadjusted, if you move your avatar during the process. // // Important: // • Undersize is possible, but take care. // if you are small your object and several prims already have minimum dimensions, they are not further reduced, but they are moved proportionally. // • Sculpted Prims are no problem, but take care. // Sculpties with moved Bounding Box perhaps moving optical not correct // That is not true, they are moving correctly, but when the visible Sculptie is not the center of the Bounding Box, it will be looking wrong. // // Terms of use: // You can use, edit and sell this script inside your creations with the following permissions in Second Life: // • MOD Yes • COPY Yes • TRANSFER Yes // // Yes that means fullperm. Other settings, are against the following licenses. // The permission of your Object (prim), remain unaffected by these terms //*DS*_Resize_Script // // violation of this Terms are against the Second Life TOS at §7 Content Licenses and Intellectual Property Rights.

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