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Presentations This is the lsl-script. Rezz a box, texture it like a server and place it elsewhere on the sim. No need to be a simowner, no need to deed this prim. // This script collects the internal grabable informations: FPS, DIL, servername and simname and sends it via HTTP to a PHP-Script on your website. The PHP-script is below. Attention! Watch, that the path to your php-script is correct!
Presentations On your server lets create the rrd's (Round Robin Databases) --> // Here are the commands to create a rrd. Let me first say, that I have very less knowledge on rrd's what I have created is an overview for a day. if somebody is able to make it much much better, PLEASE let me know! // IMPORTANT: The synonym "nameofyoursim" has to be replaced exactly with the simname! The php-script get's the simname and adds only a "_dilfps.rrd" so watch
Presentations This is the PHP-script which is called by the lsl-script. It takes the data, pings the server and put all data into the rrd's
Presentations And last but not least, we have to build the graph from the data. it's a bash-script (Linux) which create the graphs.
Presentations There's nothing like a pie chart for displaying survey results. Set this up in three steps - Rez the base, get its email address, send it formatted results. Bang! A fine little 3D chart builds before your eyes. // // The system uses three scripts: // // * Pie Chart Maker = the controller - receives email and sends the subject line to Title maker. Then it rezzes segment objects, calculates segment shapes and sends settings to Pie Segment // * Title Maker = a label - simply displays the title of the incoming email. // * Pie Segment = the colored wedges - rezzed by Pie Chart Maker and changes cut shapes and colors.
Presentations the Script
Presentations An article on how to use this script is at You will need to create your avatar first. Navigate to this link at and click Create your own talking picture

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