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Positioning A avatar follower, positions a prim at the waist of the nearest avatar.
Positioning Car.lsl
Positioning A simple yet useful script for recording and playing back prim movement. // // To use this, put the script into a prim or a set of prims, type "Init", move the entire prim linkset, and type " set". Repeat. When done type "Run". // // You may want to remove or edit the line in the Run section where it does a llSetPrimitiveParams so you can re-position the prim somewhere, as all prim movements are relative to the the current position. // // Commands are typed in Chat: // // Init - resets the script and gets it ready // set - records a position and rotation // Run - Plays back the animation // Export - Prints the list to chat so you can save it or put it into another script.
Positioning Path Setting Script // // In 'edit' mode, user moves the object and 'saves' various positions // over time, then the positions can be replayed. This either uses the physical // move functions to create smooth movement or non-physical movements // for a slightly more jerky movement! // // NOTE: Positions and rotations are relative to the region, so if you // move the prim, then the positions won't move with it - you'd have to // reset the script (using the 'reset' button) and store a new path. // // Depending on the settings, the system can either loop forever // or play just once. // // It also has the option of resetting if you change owners, which // might be useful if you want new owners to be able to store their // own paths. // // Kimm Paulino // Oct 2010 // // Copyright © 2009 Linden Research, Inc. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 From the Sl wiki at //

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