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Pose Balls This script began when I wanted to write my own poseball script and learn more LSL in the process. It evolved as I added features to move it beyond a simple, one-prim poseball script. Since I perform SL burlesque, this has led to further development and the script has turned out to be very useful. // The script now works for a linked prim (e.g., a poseball linked to a burlesque set, v1.5) and for multiple such poseballs linked together (e.g., poseballs for a group burlesque act, all linked to the set, v1.6 and 1.7). // All options are controlled by global variables (located immediately below the title box). They're labeled for easy use. You can enable/disable and modify hover text that automatically hides when you click/sit on the object (very useful for assigning people to specific poseballs in a group act). Use "\n" for multiple lines of hover text (if needed). You can enable/disable hiding of the object on click/sit (normal poseball operation). You can also modify the position of your avatar while performing the animation (via sittarget offset and sittarget rotation - useful for different animations). // I've tested the script for the identified functionality and it appears to work correctly. If anyone has any recommendations, either for the existing code or additional features, please let me know! // (And fwiw, the forum posting totally destroyed my title box formatting. Ugh.) // EDIT: Btw, the reason I have the normal poseball function (object hiding) available as a toggle is for flexibility. For example, I used a version of this script for an object in a burlesque set of mine to trigger a snow angel animation. In that case, I didn't want the object/prim to hide - I just wanted click-sitting on it to trigger the animation (with me in the proper orientation). // // Copyright © 2009 Linden Research, Inc. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 unless otherwise noted.
Pose Balls antiposeball 5 help [NOTECARD] .lsl
Pose Balls Tired of having to turn your animation overrider off and on whenever you want to sit on a poseball? Just drop this script in along with the pose and it will automatically stop your active animations. When you stand up, your AO will still be running and active.
Pose Balls chair sitting script.lsl
Pose Balls cross leg sit.lsl
Pose Balls DavyAnimBall
Pose Balls FlipperPA's auto-transparent minimum lag pose thingy.lsl
Pose Balls Leopard Animball V3.lsl
Pose Balls Multi-Love Pose.lsl
Pose Balls This is one of seven scripts in the base object, along with the script in the rezzable poseball.
Pose Balls Offsim_pose_ball
Pose Balls PB Script W_ Voice.lsl
Pose Balls Configuration notecard for pose ball
Pose Balls Pose ball 4 - Click Broadcaster.lsl
Pose Balls Pose ball 4.lsl
Pose Balls pose_script by FlipperPA.lsl
Pose Balls Poseball just owner.lsl
Pose Balls Regular Sit Script.lsl
Pose Balls Sit Animation Script.lsl
Pose Balls SitOnAnimate.lsl
Pose Balls T Poser.lsl

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