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Phantom Phantom Child // // This easy to use code when put into a child prim of a linkset will make that child and only that child phantom, even when taken into inventory and re-rezzed. You can use multiple copies of this script to make multiple children of a linkset phantom. // // This code relies on a bug in Second Life and may not function in later versions (Currently working in server 1.36). This script was created in part by Aeron Kohime and documents this useful bug (which like invis-prims, has countless applications). // // You may use the following script in any manner you like, excluding claiming you made it and individually reselling it without change in function (its on the Wiki silly). Otherwise you can sell it as part of a product, modify it, remove my comments, etc etc. // // It needs to be reset on sim restarts. A reliable solution is included in all these scripts. Checking llGetTime and a timer could be used but, is a more "expensive" method.
Phantom Switchable // // Addition to the above script, a switchable version that could be useful for a phantom door.
Phantom Advanced // // Unlike the versions above, this version will work with ANY prim type (torus, tube, box, sculpt etc.) with ANY shaping parameters (twist, hollow, taper, slice, dimple etc.) and ANY texturing applied (glow, texture, fullbright, color etc.) without changing those parameters. In other words... This version works in ALL cases without error (At least I'm pretty sure it does). The downside being a greater memory use and slower run time (Although this is negligible) for complex (tortured) prims. Should only be used on child prims.
Phantom Phantom Script.lsl

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