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Pets This is from Kevin the bird - a Pet follower. It stays in one area and runs and up yells hello.
XS Pets This script uses animated eyes made from GIF files. There is an article on how to use it at
XS Pets xs sleep script. This script makes particle Zzzzs float above the head on XS pets at night.
XS Pets Combined eye and particle script. // // This script flips between two textures for eye blinking and also supports a 'dead' eye look. It combines the particle plug-in with eyes together. It may be more useful on non-robot pets. // An article on how to use it, including a set of example eye textures, is located at
XS Pets Texture Server // An article on how to use this script is located at
XS Pets xs_texture plug // An article on how to use this script is located at
XS Pets test code for texture server. Put this into a set of prims with the pet texture script and touch it. Any prim with the same name as a texture in the server will change to that texture.

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