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Movement Moves a pointer in a circle
Movement Dodge
Movement Harmonic_Oscillator_motion
Movement Moves a prim repeatedly up and down. Stop start via touch
Movement Rez this object, move it to where you want the avatar's seat prim to end up, and reset the script. It will say the position across an entire region.
Movement A pose ball-like sitter that will move to the position where the other script was rezzed
Movement The numbers at the top set the range the rocks will move. Just make some large prim rocks, drop this script inside, and set your max X and Y parameyers. You can set the height range as well as how close to the edge it goes. The value 20 is the amount i wanted to move. If you change this to a lower number, and change the timer to run faster, you can make rocks that move as if they are in a breeze
Movement Parachute Platform Script // Mango Wylder
Movement Try it on a prim with the following dimensions // X = .01 Y = 5.0 Z =5.0
Movement Prim Spin SCRIPT TEMPLATE.lsl
Movement Random_Movement__Flight
Movement Up down script

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