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Map large map uncovers itself as you travel
Map Positioner script
Map main program
Map This script uses the "Media on a Prim" feature. The following requirements should be met: // // - Viewer 2 or higher (or similar third-party viewer like Firestorm) // - Auto-play enabled in Preferences, Sound & Media // // FEATURES // // - Menu-controlled // - Display any region map // - Map updates every 12 hours // - Zoom in or out // - Map teleporter // - Access control: owner, group, world // // LIMITATIONS // // - Media prims may cause performance problems if not used sparingly // - Because of several unsupported hacks, the script cannot be guaranteed to work forever // - If something does break, the script may temporarily or permanently disable the zoom feature // - If the requested map tile does not exist on (but the region exists and is online), // the server will return a "NoSuchKey" error and display it on the prim. The map tile should be available // within 24-48 hours // // PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER // // A media prim cannot be touched in the usual way, so a bit of trickery is needed to make it work. // // 1. Create two plywood cubes (Shift+drag), link them and leave some space in between // 2. Drop the script on the linked object and read the instructions // 3. Resize and/or texture as needed // // The end result should be like a painting covered by a sheet of glass. If you decide to add a frame, make // sure the media prim is the last one you touch before linking. That way, it will always end up as the root. // The map will always be displayed on face 1 of the root prim, no matter where the script is.
Map How to use: // // - create a cube (change texture if desired) // - drop the script in it // - resize as needed
Map Make sure the media stream is active by either setting it to play automatically or by clicking the start button in your SL viewer.
Map Script (Fast Response Version)
Map Script (Small Code Version)

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