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Lists This script allows you to store data in lists as you would in a C++ or Java multidimensional array. It is a bit more flexible than those language's arrays, since it allows you to dynamically resize each dimension; You don't have to define the size of the array before you use it. If you ever ran into the "Runtime Error: Lists cannot contain lists" message and really needed a list within another, this is what you can use. // // For example, say you had a chessboard with each square a different color. Your script can refer to each color using a two-dimensional array; one number for the row another for the column of the particular color.
Lists Getting an element at index [1, 5, 2, 9], in an array "A" translates to: // Get list at index 1 in A, call this B, // Get list at index 5 in B, call this C, // Get list at index 2 in C, call this D, // Return element at index 9 in D. // // And here are the functions :)

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