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IM An SL Script that will allow you to send a message to anyone in world as any name.. Simply create a prim and name it whatever you want the message to come from. Add this script to it.. I wear mine on a hud so it's always available as long as scripts are enabled in the sim you're in. // // The name2key function is from // // The command is: /111 UserFirstName UserLastName Message you wish to send to them.. Updated to check to make sure the person is online. If they were offline, and had their IM's forwarded to e-mail, it would tell them who it came from.. (Or perhaps from the owner of the prim)..
IM The script
Prim Notes - GNU General Public License
Prim LPA Protocol
Prim Example replay Script
Prim LPA Editor
Prim LPA Player
Prim LPA Wizard
Prim LPA Frame Controller
Prim This is provided AS IS without support. Please don't bug me demanding // help or custom work for this free script. // // Authors License: // You are welcome to use this anyway you like, even bring to other grids // outside of Second Life. If you try to sell what I'm giving away for // free, you will be cursed with unimaginably bad juju. // // This work uses content from the Second Life® Wiki article at is Copyright © 2007-2009 Linden Research, Inc.
Prim simple owner-only chat to animator script.
Prim For more details on how this script works, see // This is the Animator menu system. You will also need the compiler script
Prim This script produces optimized LSL code that can be triggered by link messages. // For more details on how this script works, see
Prim Simple trigger script example. Alternates playing animation named sit and wag when you touch a prim. // It uses a different way to alternate the action than the Aternating Up and Down example // It divides an ever-increasing number (flag++) by 2, ( flag++ % 2) and looks at the remainder (%). For example, 2/2 = 1 with 0 remaining, 3/2 = 1 with a remainder of 0.5. // so this means it detects ODD or EVEN numbers, which occur ever other touch. Its dioes the same as (x = ~x) in a more general way. You could have it do this every fifth touch with (flag++ % 5), as another example.
Prim This script starts a timer each one second. // Each second, it changes a -1 to a zero, or a zero to a -1. (x= ~x) // So each second, this will be TRUE ( -1) or FALSE (0) // It then sends a link message with the required Number 1 and an UP or a DOWN.
Prim The Single prim animator script Instructions are at // A newer script is at
Prim A simple sensor to trigger your animated prims. // If an avatar gets within a settable distance, it plays back animation 'sit'. When all avatars have left, it plays a 'stand' animation.
Prim A simple touch and playback script. When touched, it plays back animations named 'stand' and 'sit' in order, then the next time it is clicked, it plays 'sit'.
Prim Animated pet script requires recorded animatrions for left, stand , right, sit, wag // // You need to pre-record 5 animations to use this script: // // 'right' should put the right legs forward, as when walking, and 'left' should do the opposite. // 'sit should be the animal sitting down, or begging. // 'stand' should be the position the animal is in when walking, with legs in a standing position. // 'wag' is the tail wagging back and forth.
Prim This is a sample run-time script. After you create your animation, you can delete all scripts. Then drop this one in with your notecard and it will play it back.
Prim [K] Puppeteer Animator
Prim [K] Puppeteer Animator
Prim rotate prim.lsl
Prim This script requires the Super Prim Animator by Ferd Frederix. Just set up your animations as per the animator's instructions, Save it to a notecard put this script and the notecard into any prim and when you touch the prim it will print a new script into local chat. Copy everything between and including the lines /*---------- and ----------*/ anything that is not part of the script is automatically converted to comments. When the script is run it will cycle through all the animations and print a llSetMemoryLimit() command to local chat. Replace everything in the default state_entry function with that command and your script is ready to run. with a very optimized memory limit.

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