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HUD Projecter Recently, Linden Labs created a website to access profile information of players in XML format. It is not something easily accessible outside the game, because to get profile info, you need a UUID code of the person. Inside the game the database is used in the new search facility, and also addressable with scripts using HTML commands. // // You have probably run into those new displays that show random profile picture in world. This is how it is done. I have seen a few for sale, but being a curious scripter, I wanted to find out how to do it myself. // // Luckily, someone wrote a publically available script in the SL Wiki // Just rez a prim, create a new script, copy and paste the script, and you have instant profile picture displays. // // Since most of the world is off limits to dropping prims, I thought it would be fun to create a wearable HUD version so you can see the profile pictures of the avatars around you. I also added an ability to click on the HUD to instantly move your client camera to that avatars position, making it easy to bring up the full profile, or send them an IM. Having no need for listen commands or particle projection or exclusions, I shortened the original script quite a bit. // // To use: Rez a box and resize it X = 0.500 Y = 0.320 Z = 0.240. Create a new script and copy and paste the text below into it. Right click the box and Attach as HUD. Move it anywhere you want where you can see the box and the text. Make it smaller if you wish. Go somewhere where other people are and have fun.

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