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HUD The Main Script - you need this script plus the HUDF positioner, and then add any sounds you want to play when AFK
HUD Position the HUD on attach
HUD Auto attach.lsl
HUD Rainbow Palette Color picker listener for a product//:LICENSE: CC-BY-SA 3.0
HUD Rainbow Palette Color picker for a HUD//:LICENSE: CC-BY-SA 3.0
HUD Hud Hider.lsl
HUD //// The HUD positioner is designed to set the HUD into a 'preferred' position whenever it get attached. // If the user moves it, and re-attaches it to the same spot, it ignores the hard-coded settings. It keeps a list of offsets from the top, bottom, left and right and moves the prim when it is first attached by that offset. Ity also forces the prim to face in a know direction, just in case it is accidentally rotated by the end-user.// // If the HUD pops off-screen, wear another HUD, press Ctrl-3 to go into edit mode, click the other HUD, and use the scroll wheel to zoom out. You will see a line representing the edge of the 'normal' screen, and outside of it, hopefully, you will see the misplaced HUD. // You can then grab it and move it back on-screen.
HUD Nonrotating_HUD_positioner
HUD The script goes in the "back" control object
HUD The script goes in the "back" control object
HUD This script goes in all the segments of the image
HUD This script goes in each direction control prim

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