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HTTP When you need to pass data into SL from outside, the first problem you will encounter is that llRequestURL() generates a new URL every time the script is reset, de-rezzed or the region the primitive is restarted. It becomes very difficult to keep track of the URLs and it would be easier if there were some permanent pointer that could be updated every time the primitive's URL changes. // The script below will allow you to create a permanent primitive URL by using the services at Every time the script is reset, the primitive de-rezzed or the region restarts, the script below will send a request to and update the short URL to point to the newly acquired URL. // // Setup Go to and create an account. Log-in at and visit to get your API key. // Create a primitive and a new script in that primitive. // Copy the code from the code section below and paste it into the new script in that primitive. // Configure the script to set-up your custom url, user name and API key. // Configuration // There are several options you can configure in the CONFIGURATION section: // string CUSTOM_URL = "ksim"; // string USER_NAME = "kve"; // string API_KEY = "fbf9ra57-5d54-9fbg-89fd-711bc7b163c3"; Where USER_NAME is the name you used to sign-up on, API_KEY is the API key generated by visiting and CUSTOM_URL is the short descriptive name of the simulator URL. For example, the configuration above will create and update the primitive's URL, setting it to: // Code // // Note there is a limit of 500 calls a day, but it really only serves as a NAME-SERVER
HTTP This is a simple example of using an LSL-script to query the other script and get results.

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