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Games Speed Click Game
Games AUTORAFFLER version 1.lsl
Games Domino.lsl
Games This is my first (and perhaps only) large scale LSL project. I don't have time to do anything more with it, so I'm going to release it into the wild for others to use, adapt, play with as the like. I only ask that noone sells the original as posted here, as that would be a bit greedy. // // So, what is it? A fully functional Go board, which allows two players to play a game of Go and score up at the end. It uses various tricks, such as XYText style textures for the pieces on the board, and a squidgy double-click square selector device thing to keep the number of prims required to a minimum. // // There are several components and scripts, so it's all a bit complex to put together, and it's not as well commented as perhaps it should be, but I'll do my best to write some useful instructions. // // The board looks very basic. My talents do not lie in making things look pretty. All textures are linked to ones I've created. It would be trivial to put together some nicer textures and change the relevent keys. The code does the basic setting up of size/shape/colour of all parts of the game. // // A large number of link messages are used to glue all the various bits and pieces together. I didn't document this as well as I should, and it's all a bit random as things which grow whilst coded tend to be. For my own benefit I eventually put together a little file documenting very briefly each message, so I'll include that here too. // // As to the rules of the game of Go, there are plenty of websites out there that can explain it better than I can. However, I will say this, it is an extremely interesting and deep game that you can enjoy quickly, but study for years and not come close to mastering. // // First up, GoButtonScript
Games Next up, GoJoinButtonScript
Games That's the simple stuff done. Now things get more complicated, you need to create two grids, one of 'tiles' (prim textures to display the pieces on the board), and one of 'sensors' (to detect clicks when specifying where you want to play). // // First off sensors, here's the GoSensorScript
Games And here's the GoSensorGridScript
Games Now for the tiles to display textures, first GoTileScript
Games Due to script length restrictions, it wouldn't all fit in one, so there's another script required here, GoTileFaceScript
Games As with the sensors, we need a utility script to create the grid, GoTileGridScript.
Games You should now have a GoButton, a GoJoinButton, a GoSensorGrid and a GoTileGrid. Create a prim, drop an instance of each of those objects into its inventory, then finally put in the following two scripts which contain the main game logic, and you should have yourself a working Go board. // // First off is the GoGameLogicScript which contains most of the actual game logic for handling captures and the like.
Games And now for the GoGameMainScript, which does all the gluing together of all the other scripts, and handles players joining/leaving the game and the like.
Games Here is the text of the Go Info notecard given out by the info button. This should be saved as a notecard called Go Info and dropped in the inventory of the go game prim.
Games And finally, here's some documentation I did for myself on the many link messages used. If you're going to try to figure out how it all works or change the code, this will probably be invaluable!
Games Random rezzer
Games Random Rezzer
Games random game

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