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Flight Assist Andrew Linden's flight script.lsl
Flight Assist Here is a much requested script that enhances fly. Drop this script in any attachment that does not have a script in it (maybe your prim hair or something). // // It enhances fly in two ways 1. you can fly as high as you like and you should not drift down (much, it is not perfect). 2. say the word "fly" and it changes into a much faster flying mode. In this mode you can also say "speed 30" to double your speed (or any number, default is 15). say "fly" again, or just stop flying to get out of this mode. One annoying bug, when in fast fly mode you will see "release keys" button. If you push it, your attachment comes off.
Flight Assist Cyberflight 1.0 1.lsl
Flight Assist Final Flight 2.lsl
Flight Assist Flight.lsl
Flight Assist flight script.lsl
Flight Assist X-flight Script 1.lsl

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