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Explosion This script generates the explosion for a spawned grenade once this grenade is detonataed. This script handles the detonation events, communication with surrounding objects, and deletion of the grenade object. // Use: Apply this script to a grenade object
Explosion This script is goes into a brick
Explosion When attached to an object, this script will allow that object to be deleted once the deleter button is pushed. // Use: attach this script to any item that needs to be deleted regularly. This is good for cleaning up after spawning a large number of that you may or may not be keeping track of.
Explosion This script is used to generate lingering smoke effects after detonation of Grenade etc. // Use: This should be applied to a grenade object. It's best if this script is placed in one of the other prims comprising the grenade other than the one using the GrenadeExploder script.
Explosion //This script generates the grenade prim at a certain velocity in the direction of where the avatar's camera is facing //Use: Create a Grenade Launcher Button, and apply this script to it. Each time you click the button a grenade should fly out of it, so it's best if the button is on your HUD somewhere; this will cause the grenade to fly out of your avatar at about head level.
Explosion This script will broadcast the message "Die Prims" across the region on the objectChannel = -9. This will cause any objects with the PrimDeleter script to get deleted. // Use: This should be applied to a button. I called mine DeleterButton.
Explosion // This script spawns brick objects based off of the wall's location. // Use: Apply this script to a hollow, non-physical, phantom wall. When the wall is clicked and if the brick object is in the wall, then bricks will be spawned in a staggered pattern // NOTE: The dimensions of the wall aren't important. They act more as a place-holder within an environment.
Explosion Allows the destructible wall's alpha to be changed via button click // Use: Apply this script to a button to change the wall's aplha; I called mine SetWallAlphaButton.
Explosion This script is nice to have but not necessarily essential. It allows the destructible wall to switch from being visible to invisible at the press of a button, which is nice if you need to know where it is when it's not populated by bricks or when it is populated by bricks and you don't want users to see the wall. // Use: Apply the script to the destructible that spawns the bricks. It will be listening for the corresponding button press.

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