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Email Basic E-mailer Script.lsl
Email The script
Email To use this module, copy and paste the above into a script and name it "EmailModule". The script requires ChatCodec in the same object's inventory. To send emails, an object named "email" must be in the same object's inventory as EmailModule. The object named "email" must also contain ChatCodec and the script below:
Email // Here's an example script that utilizes this module:
Email The script
Email Instructions // // * Open your inventory // * Choose New Script and rename it email script // * Copy the script below, doubleclick the email script in SL and paste // * Click Build on the bottom bar and the Create in the menu // * Use your magic wand to place an object on the ground // * Right click the object and choose Edit // * Rename the object My Emailer // * Drag your email script into the object // * Right click the object and choose Take // * Just drag the My Emailer object out and touch it to send emails

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