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Easy Animator These scripts are licensed under the GPL and are not to be sold. Objects created with them may be under any license. This script is open source and is not for sale. This first script is the child prim script. Any prims you want to move must have one of these scripts. Instructions are online ain my Blue Whale Project at
Easy Animator Put this script in the root prim. Touch the prim. Click the Name button and type in a name for the animation. Position each prim and click Record. Repeat. // // You can click Name at any time to create another animation. Repeat. // // Each animation will appear by name in the menu. Click the name to playback. The Playback button will play back the current animation. // // When finished, Click DUMP. Copy and paste the chat into a notecard named "Movement". Reset the script, and it wi9ll load the notecard and animate all prims. // // When you are satisfied with the results, click "Remove" to delete all child prim scripts. // // Send a link message from any script with the name of the animation in it's text field to the channel 5001. The script will play back that animation.

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