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Clock AnalogClock
Clock Minute Hand
Clock Hour Hand
CLock Clock.lsl
Clock place this script in the "clock" prim
Clock found a routine in Wiki to make a digital clock, so I turned it into a clock-radio-motion detector device. It is a simple script that left alone displays the time in any time zone you want, or you can click it to toggle on and off your radio. Or the third function is that of a motion detector that IMs you if someone is near the detector. Update: script now cycles through 4 different channels, and also displays your server time and how long till the next sunrise/sunset.
CLock Day-of-the-week Function
Clock Method to get the day of the week from a unix timestamp - llGetUnixTime. The timestamp returns the number of seconds elapsed beginning Thursday, January 1, 1970 UTC. This script first converts the seconds to hours, then adds the GMT offset (if desired), then converts the hours to days, and finally grabs the day of the week from a list.
Clock And a function version:
Clock KDC's non linear solar clock by Kyrah Abattoir.lsl
Clock A collection of time utility functions, to try and make sub-second and timezone handling easier. // // First a timezone-aware cousin of llGetGMTclock:
Clock The remainder of these functions deal with time of day as *milliseconds* since midnight. As this format would overflow every ~24 days, it must not be used to represent date or elapsed time information (unless you are Microsoft and like your servers crashing).
Clock made this to be a floor clock, so the script is set up to rotate on the z axis, change this for an upright clock. // // Place these scripts in a root prim, which is at the center of the clock face. // // // Hour Hand:
Clock Minute Hand:
Clock THWatch 0.lsl

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