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Chat Left to right rendering of Chat (for Arabic) and also Al Bhed translation // Same as // // added a few lines to read the string backwards (for left to right rendering), on the al bhed and english "if" and added a section for unaltered chat (except for left to right rendering).
Chat Chat Logger Script.lsl
Chat Chatbot.Eliza .lsl
Chat Chat-Logger-Script.lsl
Chat // The Al Bhed language is a fictional language that is spoken only by the Al Bhed people on the video game Final Fantasy X . The "Al Bhed language" is actually a simple substitution cipher, an encryption system of transposing certain letters for others. Sherlock Holmes used a similar cipher to decode the "dancing man" letters and solve the case. The code below comes with Al Bhed predefined, but any other cipher works. Just define your own string of unique characters.
Chat I use the the tell() function in this script in a lot of places in SL. It lets the object take on other people or objects names.
Chat Originally deployed on New York Law School's Democracy Island, this tool may assist creating a more reflective classroom experience. Students pay money into the object and then are "taxed" a Linden for each character they type. This sounds counterintuitive, right? Of course you want students to speak up and contribute. But when used in combination with some other incentive to contribute in a meaningful' way, this script may keep the chatter down and the students focused on the subject. The term "signal to noise ratio" has some relevance here! On the other hand, this may be stultifying and Orwellian. Your call.
Chat Spy Mic.lsl

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