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AntiDelay Almost every function in Second Life has a delay associated with it. Ranging from 20 seconds to .2 seconds - delays can get on anyones' nerves. Even the most basic scripters know the easy way to get around this is to have a script and use llMessageLinked to tell it to do something. Below is a more advanced version of that code - that allows for one script to handle almost any type of function with a delay. // // How To Use: Use llMessageLinked - the integer is -123, the string is the list of arguments seperated by "~~~", and the key is the name of the function.
AntiDelay Example
AntiDelay And now for the full and complete power of this code *drum roll*. Only 2 scripts are needed for the following code to work.
AntiDelay The code to make it all work: // // // AntiDelay Node Manager:
AntiDelay AntiDelay Node:

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