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Animal Adding these scripts to objects will create a breedable pet. You need to read each script and add your own information in order for them to work. // // In particular, the pet itself will die unless it is rezzed from another object and given a start_param. The only way to give a script a start parameter is to rez it from another object, when you rez it yourself the parameter is always 0. if you set the secret number to 0, then it will always work, buit be unsecure.
Animal Animal: xs_ager.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_brain.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_breeding.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_eater.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_infomatic.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_movement.lsl
Animal Animal: xs_special.lsl
Animal Egg: xs_egg.lsl
Animal EggCup: xs_eggcup.lsl
Animal FoodBowl: xs_foodbowl.lsl
Animal FoodBowl: xs_foodbowl_anim.lsl
Animal Home: xs_home.lsl
Animal Transport Crate:xs_cryocrate.lsl
Animal This script can be used to set the quail into it's initial size. Once this script has been loaded into the root prim of the quail and run, it can be deleted // Author Ferd Frederix
Animal xs_debug - a script tointercept messages inside and outside your bird // Version 2, 10-2-2011 by Ferd Frederix // Prints out the channel and the link number
Animal Globals - taken from the Quail
Animal Flexible_tentacles
Animal I am posting this script with the warnimg that it is delicatly tuned to fly as I wanted it to, and so one should be very cautions about changing the parameters of the flight model. That is like making changes in a free flight model airplane before you understand why it flies as it does. Changes in the logic, on the other hand, are like changes in any other script. If you really want to understand why it flies as is does, I suggest starting with my Air Camper script, also posted here. // // I post it here, none the less, because it is my most popular product, and because it can be used, as is or with new sounds and such, in other birds of about the same weight. I don't really expect anyone else to make such an effort to script birds, but sl airplanes have become very detailed and well made, and this bird flight illustrates the possibility of making the flight behavior of airplanes more appropriate to their appearance. // // You rez the bird, move it to the center of the available space and click it to set the center position and start flying. It attempts to fly aerobatically but stay near the launch point. It needs at least 128x128 m. to fly in. That is the best I could do withing the constraints of the sl physics engine. It can now cross sim boundaries without getting lost, but of course that is a bit hazardous. // // // To use this script in other birds, I un-comment the line that outputs the weight and then adust the weght to be the same, 0.19 virtual kilograms, by making prims more or less hollow. That has worked for birds so far, but for an airplane the distribution of mass also mattered. Perhaps birds are small enough that the distribution is not important. (Apparently sl physics calculates some approximation to the angular inertia.)
Animal Script several linked prim sets to fly (loosely) as in a "flock" around a pre-set course. Low lag Follower script for birds, horse and other things that flock. // // You put a vector offset in the description of each "bird". They will follow that spot as an offset from a prim named 'Chaser'. The speed is controlled by a single variable in the notecard line. It can move very quickly. // // When the birds lead or follow the chaser prim, they swing wildly out. If you route has many zig zags, they would fly like a flock. // See for a description of this behavior using this script. // // This is the Follower script. It goes in multiple birds or other animal
Animal This Chaser Script goes into an invisible prim. Make it large and visible at first. or you will certainly have an invisible, tiny, hard to catch prim wandering your sim!
Animal a mooving cow script
Animal Whale global movement script. This moves a fish ( or a whale) in a circular pattern with a inner circle. It moves the animal up 1/4 of the time in a sine wave pattern so it appears above the water. It also control splash and sound and water spoits
Animal Water spout script to spurt water out of the whales blowhole. Pu this in a prim just below the blowhole and aim the Z axis upwards
Animal Pose ball with camera animation script. Put this in a round pose ball above the whale. You also need to drop an animation inside the object. This is preset for 'rooftop crouch'.
Animal Whale tail and fluke animation script. This script is the 'runtime' engine for the animation effects.. You will also need to teach this script with my Prim Animator scripts and a notecard called "Movement" before it will work.
Animal Water splash script - this makes a circular water splash rise up at water level, no matter where the whale is. It gets activated by a linked message.
Animal ArchipelisRez.txt - // // Click on the "Create" button of the build window. Click somewhere on the floor to create a second object (whatever it is, cube, cylinder...). You can call this object "ArchipelisRez" but it is not mandatory. // Click on "Content". Click on "New Script...". Double click on the script called "New Script" that has been created. Copy the content of the file called "ArchipelisRez.txt". Replace the definition of the script by a paste action. Click on "Save" button and close the script window. // // Drag and drop the object called ArchipelisBase you created at step 4 (it is in "My Inventory > Objects") into the content of the current object you are editing. Then, delete the object "ArchipelisBase" in "My Inventory > Objects". // // eave the build mode by closing the build window. Click on the object ArchipelisRez in front of you to rez. Your 3D model appears. Now, you can delete the ArchipelisRez because it is no longer needed. // By going back to the build mode (menu "View > Build") in "Edit" mode and by selecting all the shapes of your model, you can rotate or translate the selection
Animal ArchipelisBase.txt - form more help, see // // Go in build mode with the menu "View > Build B". Click on "Create" button. Click somewhere on the floor to create an object (whatever it is, cube, cylinder...). Here it is important to set the name "ArchipelisBase" to this object. // // Drag and drop all the previously generated images that are now in "My Inventory > Textures" into the content of the current object you are editing. // // Click on "Content". Click on "New Script...". Double click on the script called "New Script" that has been created. Copy the content of the file called "ArchipelisBase.txt". Replace the definition of the script by a paste action. Click on "Save" button and close the script window. // // Select the object you are editing and with the right mouse button click on "Take" to put it into "My Inventory / Objects".
Animal See the article on Zombies to make this walking zombie

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