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AO AO Notecard
AO Animation Overrider
AO From the Second Life wiki -, Copyright © 2007-2009 Linden Research, Inc. and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License at
AO Auto attaches anything to HUD_BOTTOm when dropped on the ground
AO The intent is to provide an efficient way to give NPC's unique combinations of movement ONLY animations. These are simple scripts, easy to duplicate and modify the animations to use. Attach the AO to your HUD before you clone your appearance and generate the NPC. Touch the HUD to toggle it off and back on to make sure it is working. While designed for use with NPC's, these AO's will work just as well with other bot types or regular avatars. // This script monitors change events for a CHANGED_ANIMATION flag. This is vastly more efficient than parsing the list of current animations 3 or 4 times a second to see if you are still walking/standing/flying. There are other reasons NOT to try and use AOs ported from SL on NPC's. Most will fail to work at all, and some will actually animate the avatar that was cloned instead of the NPC. // An AO script is not much use with the animations to go with it. There are a number of good AO animation sets available in some of the public domain OAR and IAR files. I had the pleasure once to meet the creator of the animations contained in the Linda Kellie OAR files. The following scripts are adapted to those animation names so that you can drop them, and the animations (after you DL them) into a single prim and attach it to your HUD. // Rememeber, You must place the HUD on the ground to add animations, and you should take it back into inventory before wearing it to make sure the contents update properly.
AO Footstep_Sounds
AO Manual Animation script - add to the same prim as the other scripts and notecards
AO Save this in a notecard scalled "*Default Anims"
AO Notecard
AO Franimation overrider V 1.5
AO KDC smallest Animation overrider by Kyrah Abattoir.lsl
AO Ao for the Transmogrify config notecard
AO Config notecard for the Transmogrify
AO no script script
AO Dual AO
AO Hus positioner
AO A Transmogrifying seal
AO Prim hider
AO Prim hider
AO effects
AO Controller
AO invisiprim
AO pet script
AO Transmogrify
AO avatar
AO Transmogrify
AO Transmogrify
AO Transmogrify
AO A very simple AO using the newest Second Life commands
AO ZHAO=II compatible AO using the new LSL Animation functions, timer is now used only to detect swimming

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